Chapter 2

The two of them follow the wolf out of the Srbrny Woods, until Fae can see the familiar, safe trees and flickering light patterns on the forest floor, highlighting decaying leaves and vibrant green moss. They're back in the Cichy Forest, and she's not entirely sure if she's relieved to be out of the dark woods behind her. But in any case, she needs to go back home. 

The wolf knows they can find their way from here, obviously. 

And it bends a foreleg, doing a sort of weird bow. Aaden and Fae take the hint. They bow back, and the strange creature retreats back into the shadows of the trees, leaving no sign that it was ever there.

Aaden lets out a breath, but he doesn't say anything. Instead, he starts the trek back to town. Back to boring old Czerwony. Fae's almost disappointed. 

She swallows it quickly when she remembers her dad.

They don't say much on the walk back. They're both too lost in their own heads.


________________- ____ 
_______________/__l /_l 
_____/____---- __\____l 
____/__/______\_\ ___I 
_l _____ _______)__\ ___)

The End

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