Chapter 1

Fae's not entirely sure how she got into this. She was out with Aaden, so she supposes that she can blame it on him later, but in truth, her own curiosity was the problem.

But now they're in the middle of a forest and Fae's scared. She takes a deep breath and screams. Aaden recoils quickly, and stares at her. She waits. They hear nothing.

She sticks a hand out for his phone -her dad won't get her one- and he sighs, handing it over.

She types his password in, and tests the internet. Nothing.

And then there's a rustling. A sleek brown wolf steps out of the foliage and Aaden shrieks like the girl he is, and jumps back about two feet. Fae stares. 

There aren't any wolves in Czerwony. Everybody knows this. Even the loony old woman who breeds rare Romanian horses knows it. But here's one, in the middle of the Cichy Forest. Actually, Fae's not even sure they're still in Cichy.


"Aaden, do you know where we are?" she whispers quietly, so as not to disturb the wolf, who's watching them carefully.

"With all calculations taken into account-" She shoots him a look that clearly says now is not the time, and he stops, muttering a sheepish 'sorry'. 

"But I think we're near Srbrny- oh, gówno!" His eyes widen at the realization, and he curses. They've all heard the stories of the Nazwa. Basically, they're screwed.

The Nazwa are sacred wolves that dwell in the Srbrny Woods. It is expressly forbidden and made clear to all children that you never, never interact with Nazwa. Fae takes a deep breath, and releases it, whistling the air through her teeth. The wolf's ears perk up, and it takes a hesitant step forwards, cautious yet curious at the same time, expressing more emotions than an animal should be capable of.

"Będzie prowadzić my ludzie domu?" There's probably something lost in the translation, her Polish is rusty, but she thinks she gets the message across. Everyone knows that if you ever encounter an animal of any sort in the Polish woods around her town that you have to speak to them in your native tongue. Well, the town's native tongue.

She had asked the Nazwa to take her her home. She knows that if it understands her words, it will know where 'home' is. 

And she's right. The wolf trots off.

The End

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