Chapter 10

The smoke and heat has polluted the air by the time I am awake. My body immediently begins to sweat. Thankfully, my shirt is still soaked with water. I use the garnment to cover my mouth and nose.

I fall on my back and I have to crawl backwards to get away from the lapping flames. I watch as the deadly circle of flames closes the gap where my body would have been. I shudder at the thought if I wouldn't have woken up in time. But I haven't escaped quite yet.

I have never jumped and dodged so much in my life. Gigantic flames sprout from the tiniest of cracks in the ground, sending me flying backwards.

I run and run, but it never seems to end. I even have the slightest ideaa that I might be running in circles.

Everytime I get close to a crack, it will glow bright red and a second later it will erupt in flames. Sometimes I would plummit backwards from the impact of the blow, but I was smart enough to form a strategy. Run forward, wait for the glow, then run back before the flames can catch me. It was like there are motion sensers in the ground and they will activate from the slightest touch from my foot.

A few minutes after I wake, I fall into a coughing attack. I stumble backwards, over taken by the power of my wheezes. Air enteres my lungs in swollen breaths. On and on this fit goes and I long for water.

When the wheezing doesn't stop, I start to wonder if I will suffocate to death. I nearly died from frostbite, heat exhaustion, and drowning. Looking back, suffocating doesn't seem like such a bad way to die.

Tears to fall as my coughing continues. My vision is blurred so I can't see when a tongue of fire almost takes my life.

A cough sends me tumbling forward, allowing me to dodge the flame by a couple of inches. If it wasn't for that wheeze, I would have been toast. Literally.

Thankfully, my coughing stops there. I wipe my eyes and swallow continuously to try to regain some of the moisture in my throat. But this only seems to make the flames lick higher. Soon I can't see the sky, thanks to a combination of heavy smoke and orange flames. I figure that crawlling in any direction would only send me to certain death (or in my case, a horrid nightmare) so I stay stationary.

A piece of hair has fallen out of my hair bun (weirdly I kept the same hairstyle as in my dream) but when I extended my elbow out to fix it, my arm gets to close to the fire surrounding my poor, trembling body. It burns the whole outer part of my arm. As a result, I scream out in pain. Tears start to reappear in my eyes and the bright red patch on my arm is blurred.

The fire has surrounded me on all sides now, leaving now space for comfort. One of the tongues lashes at me, scarring my face. I scream another agonizing scream that is probably giving the person who made these fires a good laugh. I am glad I can't see my lates wound. It would give me nightmares for weeks to come.

The End

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