Chapter 8

I sit on a large piece of rock, staring at the velvety purple sky. I am not bothered by the drops of moisture when they fall on my face. I don't mind when the rain starts falling in sheets. I welcome the feeling when it thumps off of my bare skin. I even slip off my shirt (really, who's to notice?) to enjoy the sensation more.

The filthy cloth needed a good wash anyways.

Many minutes pass by. I let the dirt flow off my body like a river. I scrub the remains off with my hands. Soon my body is next to spotless.

The rain pours harder, so I lay on my back, the rain tickling my face. Instead of soaking into the ground, the rain starts to pool around me. Since I don't dare open my eyes, I roll until I am a couple feet from where I was lying. Instead of soil, which I expected, I roll in about an inch of water.

I immediently sit up, my hands splashing in wetness. Now I open my eyes, only for them to be forced closed again by the impact of the falling droplets.

Since I would be better off blind, I have to pat my hands around me until my fingers grasp  my shirt. When I finally find the soaked material, I quickly ring it out until it is somewhat is drier. As the rain pads down harder, I pull the wet garment over my head. It immediently sticks to my body, but it offers better protection than none at all.

I shiver even more when the rain storm continues and strengths. The water level is up to two inches now. The drumming that the precipitation brings is very irritable. I want to bring my hands up to cover my ears, but movements of any kind hurt to such extremes to where the rain feels like hail.

I finally block out the pain long enough to stand up. Big mistake.

The minute I catch my balance, I am thrown backwards by the impact of the rain. I land in a river up to my calves. The water level is quickly rising due to the sudden down pour. Again I conclude that this is not a nature-caused storm. Somehow, someway, this is man-made. I have absolutly no idea how this "man" is doing this, or more importantly, why.

The rain only pads down harder at my thoughts. I wonder if my viewer is enjoying the show, I think bitterly. I just want to crawl in a hole and die.

That's when it dawns on me.

If I can dig a hole or make some kind of shelter, I might be able to wait out the storm.

But looking through the blinding rain, I don't see any debris that could possibly be made into a shelter. Now I am left with the idea of making a hole. But with a ten inch river surrounding me, I realize that it might be a weensy bit impossible.

Suddenly with so much speed that it could have given me a heart attack, a lightning bolt picks a spot inches away from my face for it's target. I jump back from surprise, and I end up in three feet of water. I try to swim, but the rain has made me weak and I can't swim. The rain pushes me down until I am sunken at the bottom. For a minute, I forget where I am and breathe in. Forgetting I am underwater.

Water fills my lungs and all of a sudden I am choking.

It hurts, oh how it hurts! I try moving my arms, kicking my legs, but the water has already invaded my body.

(For what seems like the thousandth time this week) I black out from pain, letting pain barge in like a million soldiers and my dreams start to appear.

The End

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