Chapter 7

My arms pumping by my side, I find it feels good to run after walking for so long. The air has tremendously cooled down, leaving the tempature like a summer evening. I take deep breaths while I dash, smiling when I realize that the odds are back in my favor after turning on me for some time.

As I pass some more of the houses that shared the same neighborhood as Aiden's, I rumage through some of the larger debris piles, picking out what I can find. I uncover small things, objects that might have found some way to avoid the blow.

I don't reveal any food or water, but I do dig up some charred papers. But not many. And the ones that I do perceive are unreadable. I fold them up and keep them in my pockets anyways.

Though I don't find anything as memorable as Aiden's stone, I still keep most of my discoveries. I know I won't be able to find things like this again, so I don't dare toss them away like I nearly did with Aiden's good luck rock.

Something urges me on, and I assume that it is Aiden. Everytime I imagine his warm and welcoming smile, I have an incentive to proceed. I know he is with me, and somehow I don't have a burden keeping me down when I recall that he is dead. It still seems like he is alive and lively, encouraging me to finish a race. I can't help think that that is what he is doing right now. Urging me on to keep going, even when the times turn tough.

I now have an amount of energy that seems could fuel me forever. That's that effect that Aiden has upon me. He could never frustrate me, which is only one thing I loved about him.

I sigh and realize I should stop talking about the past. The past is behind me, and the only thing that matters right now is the present and the future. And right now, the future was about as unclear as the sky.


I glance up at the once ocean-blue sky, now an angry black. The first few drops begin to fall, and welcome them. It has been such a change of unnatural weather that I am thankful to feel the sheets of rain as they fall on my head.

I can't tell you how many times my mom teased my name when it would rain. My name is Raine, which lead a chain of very annoying games she used to play. Like when she would just mutter 'rain' and I would think she would be calling me. She was playful like that. Never harmful in any way, but she loved to see that irritated look on my face. She would crack up at the sight of it. Then I couldn't stop my laughter that she would bring on. Then we would both laugh together until my dad told us to stop.

I chuckled at the memory. We had some good times, yes we did. I still remember her words to me every night I would cry.

"I named you Raine because it represents how willing you are to make a change and make people smile."

I would always butt in before she could finish her sentence. "Yeah. And bring down most people." She would just smile and ruffle my hair, because she knew it was true.

"But there's always a rainbow after. And you are never afraid of what people think of you. Like I said before, you can make a change anywhere, anytime."

Kind of hard to make a change when there are no people left to see it.

The End

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