Chapter 6

It is hot. Actually, try scorching. Right now, that freezing storm yesterday sounds like a haven. I start panting at the thought of it. My throat is sandpaper, and I am convinced that my body has lost ninety-nine percent of it's moisture. Right now, seventy percent of that is soaked in my t-shirt.

My head throbs with each waking minute. I know what you're asking; why don't I just make it all go away with my 'power'?

My head thumps even more at the thought of it. That thing ditched me. I tried it over and over again,  my mind intent on getting moisture to my parched body. But after countless minutes of trying, I finally gave up. Nothing was happening. It was not going to help me in this case. I was left to fight my own battle.

So far, I wasn't doing to well in this havoc.

I wiped another gallon of sweat off of my forehead and cleaned the damp hand on my filthy jean shorts. I mimick the action drinking from a water container, just to try to keep my sanity in check. That's the last thing I have, right?


By now, my hometown of Haiburg, Colorado is almost out of view. It makes me sad, but since I am dry out of tears, I don't cry.

I think of Aiden, and then finally get enough oxygen to my brain to realize that this was the place where his house once stood. I can't believe I didn't realize this before.  His house was located here. Right here. Right in front of where I am standing.

I walk over to where I see a piece of green stone, and I pick it up. A piece of rock from his house, I think. I am about to toss it away, but when I brush some of the dirt off of it, I recognize this piece of rubble. Actually, it's not a piece of rubble at all. When I was just over at his house a few days ago, I remember seeing this here.

It is an emerald. Not any emerald, though. It is Aiden's lucky stone. Or it was. But it was something that Aiden carried around everywhere. He wasn't a superstitious person, but it was something that he treasured. He always had it in his pocket, and when he would take it out, I would always smile. He knew that, too. Aiden would take it out at school while we were taking an exam and roll it around in his fingers, while I was practically bursting from trying to hold in my laughter.

I remember the day I gave it to him. Just to see his face light up made my day. I can picture his features right now. That's when I recall the necklace. When I ordered the rock for his birthday, I also ordered a identical stone on a necklace for me. I reach for it on my neck, wanting its coldness to light up my body. But I find my neck bare.

I sigh when I realize that it's gone. I glance down at the bold green rock in my hand, catching gleams of sunshine and illuminating in my hands.

I slip the stone in my pocket before I start to cry. I turn around on my heel, but as I catch the last glimpse of the lot that Aiden used to live on, I can see his smiling face looking at me. Go on,  he mouths, and suddenly I find a burst of energy that powers my run away from this wrecked place.

The End

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