Chapter 5

Since I want to get some sleep, I let my thoughts wander where they want. I pay them some attention, but not too much. I don't need another mightmare.

Soon I am drifting, drifting in deep sleep. The tough soil beneath me turns to tarnishing waves, tossing my body lightly among the warm waters.

I don't bother opening my eyes, because somehow I know that that action will end my peaceful illusion. So I let everything happen without my supervision for once. I am amazed to find out how good it feels. Just letting everything unfold without me even knowing.

Soon the ocean current is leading me into a river, which isn't as lovely and alluring as the waves, but it seems more relaxing without the movement. I let myself go with the flow again.

Hours are spent meandering in the dampness of the water source, but soon my brain closes it down. My eyes open to discover that the sun has risen and is shining harder than ever.

I sit up, taking note of the rumbling groan of my stomach. Hunger.

Even though I can eat without a movement more than just a palm to my temple, I can't keep myself from wishing for actual food. I miss the feel of it, the exquisite aromas. When I use my 'power', I feel stuffed, but I miss the feeling of relying on that one piece of food to please my taste buds.

Oh, well. It's not like I am going to find a McDonalds out here. Or a pack of wild moose. And even if I wasn't the only one here, I don't even know how to hunt.

I decide to starve myself for a while longer. Even though I know that food will give me energy, I don't want the filling feeling I get after my 'power' kicks in. I realize I sound like I am turning on it. I stop complaining because the 'force' that has been controlling me and my surroundings might think I don't need it.

After an hour of walking, I finally give into my hunger. I sit on a piece of broken building and my hand lifts up to my head. I feel the burning pain of the blaze that seemingly burns on my head. It is very extreme, and I have to bite my lip to keep from yelling out. As far as I know, it is more intense than the first time.

The icy sensation cannot arrive slower. I take a deep breath through my nose when the warm reaction finally ends.

I soon feel the effects. I can immediantly feel my body build the nutrients that it was starved of back up. I seem to grow from the hunch that fatigue pushed me into. My stomach appears to also grow. All in all, I feel much better.

I regret not using my skill sooner. All this time I could be building up strength, but instead I've been folded over with fatigue. I shake my head at my mistake. Looks like it's going to be a long day.

The End

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