Chapter 4

A Dream. It was just a dream.

I wake up screaming, screaming fro my life. I can tell by the way my face is dripping wet that i've been crying. Or sweating. I don't bother to wipe my face.

My breathing is short and stiff, sort of like when I relaized that I was all alone.

I close my eyes softly to try to calm myself down. I just had a dream where my best friend would have murdered me if I hadn't woken up in time. Don't see those very often, do you?

With a hand over my thumping heart, I finally calm down. I can tell it has been minutes because my face is dry. My fingers trace the spot on my arm where Aiden was stroking me. I have to swallow a stiffled choke to avoid bringing myself to tears again.

I try to stand up, but I am unsuccessful. My mind keeps going back to the emotion on Aiden's face when he was holding a knife to my chest. My hand cups around the spot where the knife tip was pointed to.

The more I think about it, the more I disagree with it. How could Aiden have wanted to murder me? It didn't make sense. How could he have wanted to murder his best friend since second grade? But then again, dreams are dreams. I can't control them, and they aren't real. I realize that I have  been overreacting. Everyone has one of those dreams once in their lives, right?

That's when I realize where I am. I am in the cave still, but I am laying on my back. I suddenly remember everything that happened to me. The mysterious messages, the torches, the coldness, and the gem. I search to find it, but the barrior is gone.

I sit up, now realizing that the arch where I entered is now cleared. Sunshine floods in the hallway and I am glad to see it. I run out, and without think I collapse on the dirt ground, rolling in the warmness.

By the time I done, I notice that the corrider of bad dreams is gone. I imediently forget where it was exactly in the dirt wall, but I still remember its appearence, so it is not gone completly from my memory.

I quickly climb out of the crater, very glad to get out of it, Too many bad expierences for me.

I feel an instict to walk forward, opposite of the way I came across the crater. I continue walking in that direction, and as I walk I discover the first sign of evening. I take this as a good sign.

For the next few miles, I watch as the blue sky slowly change to a beautiful hue of dark purple. The color is rich, thick. I can't take my eyes off of it. So I decide to sit on the ground and observe as gold stars start to emerge. In no time I am lying on my back because my neck hurts from tilting back for so long.

I start to find constilations in the night sky. I find many, but I only know some. I instantly think of Aiden. He knew all about the stars, and space, and all that stuff. He was teaching me, too. But he never got to finish.

I find myself thinking of the bizarre dream again. But somewhere deep down inside, I know that I am safe. That it wouldn't even be that last thing that Aiden would do to stay alive.

I sigh and resume searching the stars.

The End

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