Chapter 3.2

Aiden? I reach my hand out at the sight of my best friend's face, never wanting to lose the image.

I am laying on the dirt. My throat is dry and I can't speak. I try making a hoarse whisper, anything that will let me communicate with him. But I can't.

Aiden? Is that you? A tear threatens to stain my cheek when I think about being able to see him again. I am ashamed to realize that he had never come into my mind after the explosion. Maybe it was for the better of things. Being my only real best friend, we had a relationship that was as strong as leather. Totally unbreakable. Only to be broken by an apocalypse.

The tear that was prickling at the edge of my eye now makes its way down my face. Aiden is jogging to me, but when he catches sight of me he breaks into a run. The minute he approaches me, he kneels down, his own tears wanting to make an appearence. "Oh, my God." He breathes, not bothering to wipe the tears from streaming down his face. "Raine."

He brushes my tears away from my face with his thumb. "Raine. Raine. Raine. I missed you so much," he whispers. I clutch his muscular arms with my tiny hands. He doesn't seem to mind. The tears blur my vision and I try to blink them away. Me too, I mouth. He nodds.

"I thought I lost you forever," he continues, now combing my hair back out of my face. "I hope you know I could never manage to live one minute without you." His voice is soft, comforting. I sniffle as I caress the top of his spikey gold hair. My hand makes its way down to his cheek, where I lay my palm against his cheekbone gently.

He brushes more tears away. His emerald green eyes are just the thing that I have been craving. I swallow and my voice shutters when I try again to talk. "Where have you been?" I am barely audible. But Aiden doens't have to ask again.

"Looking for you, of course." His voice is like velvet, not like the velvet feeling in the cave, but the kind that feeds pleasure into your mind.

I smile at his response. Then the thought hits me- I haven't smiled since I woke from uncounciousness. This brings me to smile larger, and larger, until I am giggling like a little girl.

He props himself onto his right arm, right next to me. My eyes follow him, never daring to look away. My finger tips graze the tip of his nose, then down to his cheekbone again. I wish so strongly that I could tell him the same, but I can't.

His eyes seemed buried within mine, neither of us thinking about anything else but each other. We seem to have been straved of each other for a long time. When we were little kids, we promised each other that we would never be romantically involved with the other. Seeing that both of our parents got their heart broken by a close friend, it was imaginable that we spoke that way. We never thought of being something closer than friends ever since than, which didn't change when I laid my eyes on him just a few minutes ago.

He seems to read my mind like he always does, and his hands freeze from where they were tracing my arm. But by the way his brow is furrowed in, I can tell he senses something is wrong.

"Get up." He orders with a ugency in his tone that makes me tremble.

"W-what's wrong?" I stutter, my voice returning to normal. Aiden is glancing back and forth, even through you could see something coming for miles and miles. He continues this routine, and I have to raise my voice to nearly a scream for him to answer me. "What's wrong, Aiden?"

But instead of answering me, he turns me around and pushes me forward by the shoulders. We walk for a few minutes without talking, but it seems like hours.

Finally his hands come off of my shoulder blades. I turn around. Another big mistake. I nearly have a heart attack.

With a frown on his face, he holds a knife to my heart.

The End

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