Chapter 3

As the rocks tumble and crash to the ground, I know that whatever caused them to fall is not a natural force. I prop my self up on my elbows just enough to get a better look at the blockage. No cracks. In other words, no escape.

I urge myself to get up onto my feet to get a better look. I stroll over to a spot on the wall near a torch. The heat coming from the fire is unbearably warm, so I roam to a spot where the heat is  less extreme.

I try nudging the rock-like surface with my shoulder. It is just a waste of time. All I do is make the torches go out, one by one, until the corrider is pitch black.

Great. Just great. I think, leveling my hands out in front of me to keep my body on balance. All of a sudden, my surroundings are suddenly flooded with a freezing velvet sensation, and I start shivering. I rub my hands against my arms to try to avoid frostbite.

It feels as if I was thrown into a blizzard in my undergarments. My teeth chatter uncontrollably and I give up trying to keep them quiet.

Even through my legs would be better off as noodles, I shuffle through snow that does not exist. I have never been this cold in my life. I could never imagine that this tempature is even possible. It is a miricale that I am not a frozen ice cubr in the first seconds.

The bitterness seems drop, and the cave gets even colder. The feeling I get trudging through invisible snow cannot be described using human adjectives. It almost feels like I have been enclosed in ice, or submerged in super cold ice water. The tingling in my limbs threatens to stop my heart and the coldness is more unbearable than ever. I am not even sure what is happening.

Before I can sense it, I run into a wall that has suddenly appeared in front of me. I reach up to brush away the tiny icicles that have formed on my eyelashes so I can risk opening my eyes. The sting that comes from that little action is brain scorching, so I close them instantly. Instead I bring two shaking hands from inside my blue t-shirt and force them to feel around the barrior in front of me. The something magnificant happens. The severe chill is gone!

The light is still off, but I realize I've touched some kind of gem-- it feels like a diamond-- and it is surprisingly warm. I want to wrap my body on its surface, but sadly, it's only large enough to warm my hand. I cling to it like it is a matter of life or death. The remains of the penatrating chilliness is gone in seconds. I sigh a deep, realxing sigh and refuse to let the gem go.

Even when sweat breaks out on my forehead, I don't let the jewel go. But after five minutes, I feel something on my hand. Confused, I left it up and touch my palm with my other hand. I am horrified to find a large blister starting to form on my hand. I run my finger tips over the welt surface, my eyes wide with fury. How could I let something like that happen? The last thing I need is another wound!

I can't help my eyes from rolling at my stupid actions. Then, I try to turn the stone, assuming it is a doorknob. I am wrong. Very wrong.

The moment the blazing surface grasps  my hand I see sparks then black out.


The End

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