Chapter 2.2

The message disappeares, leaving my mind more boggled than ever before. What did it mean by a 'surprise'? If you asked me, there were too many kinds of surprises. A large feast could be called a surprise. Also, a giant ten-foot-tall moster created to kill me could also be considered a surprise. If I wasn't imagining things and there really was a surprise, all I could hope for was an extraterrestrial creature to eat me like a bug so I wouldn't have to continue with my nightmare of a life.

But my body still wasn't under my control. If it was, I would have launched the bone in my hand at the walls of the crater until it shattered into a million pieces. If I think about it, that may be the reason why I'm being controlled.

I walk to the place where I tugged the skull out with the horrid white object chilling my hand as I clench onto it. I notice that there are increments to match the surface of the bone. Luckily, it is very easy to insert the head inside the rock. No struggle required. And when it is in all the way, a very bright yellow ray shines from inside for a few seconds. Somehow I take that as praise.

Gagging from the prickly stench of vomit, I reach down to grasp the back bone. A similar gold ray radiates from the hole and I wonder if this 'surprise' is true and if it is, what I will have to deal with.

Once the last limb is in place, I expect the sparkle of the gold-tinted-streak to appear, but it doesn't. I take the bone in and out, in and out, but nothing changes. For some reason, I lose my patience. Even though I am being controlled to do this, I still am upset.

I lean my weight against the wall nearest to me. I wipe a palm at my forehead, catching beads of sweat in their tracks. I estimate that I had been out in the sun for more that ten hours, but the giant star still shows no sign of fading.

I groan. "All this crap and all I get out of it is a sweaty skin and poisoned taste buds."

My heavy eyelids slowly open as a faint, eerie sound invades my ears. At first I can't locate the source, but after closer examination, I realize that the sound is coming from behind me. I just have time to inch my head to the right before the wall behind me gives in and I plummit backwards, my hands failing to break my fall.


The crash has left me sprawled on the cold, stone ground. My eyes take a while to adjust to the sudden dimness of the cave-like hallway that I have somehow ended up in.

The only light comes from several torches that are lining the walls of the hallway.I can feel their heat. The arch that I entered through now resumes its shape as a mysterious pile of rocks tumble to block my only exit.

I have a tingly feeling that this could be part of my 'surprise'.

The End

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