Chapter 2

A human bone. That's what I am sure the object is. It is covered in the orange dust, but it still glistens when in the direct sunlight.

I want to throw the bone behind me, or more rather to another planet. I never have liked bones, so you may be able to sum up what I was feeling at the moment, actually holding an real human leg.

But just like the force that kept me digging, I can't let go of it. Can't take my eyes off of the thing. I try to take shallow breaths, try to keep from vomiting.

But out of no where, something suddenly appears on the bone. At first glance, I register it as carefully printed handwriting. I squint and try to read it.

Keep digging. The words seem to bounce around in my mind before finally sinking in.

Then the words are fading just as fast as they appeared. I turn the bone over in my hands, searching for the words. But the instructions are gone. They are imprinted in my brain, though. I drop the bone and it crashes to the bottom of the hole.

I take a deep breath. But before I know it, it is happening again. I am being dragged to another spot on the wall. My hands lift to level with the side of the crater and more dirt enters my fingernails as I resume digging.

I shake my head to try to get myself to snap out of the uncontrollable stupor that has taken over my body. I lost control of my limbs a long time ago. The force isn't holding back. And for some strange reason, I still feel the pain. But when I cry out in distress, my body only pushes more. Soon I am screaming, screaming even though no one will hear me.

My fingers hit something else, and I pull it out to discover that it is a spine. A human spine. When my eyes are laid on it, this time I gag. There is dried blood on this one, along with the orange dirt and the shiny substance that covers the outside.

I hold it vertically, and soon the words appear again.

Only one more, Raine. These words leave me puzzling. One more? Does it mean one more bone? And how does it know my name?

The questions flood my mind, and soon many others enter as well. But before I can read the message again, it's gone. But my body knows exactly what to do. I throw the spine on top of the leg bone, and the two clank when they meet. My body presumes forward to a spot untouched in the wall.

My fingers immediently lift up to start clawing at this new surface. More pain invades my body. Most of it is worse than the two previous times. But my body still sticks to digging.

When my fingers touch the next bone, I realize that it, too, is worse. Soon I am holding the skull in my hands, and I turn it over and over until my brain finally reacts to it.

"Oh, my God." I drop the skull and it bounces off of my boot. This time I do vomit. Just the thought that the bones were actually in a human made me retch more.

After several minutes of this, I remember the message. Even though I am not in a stupor anymore, I still am intrigued to know what this message will say. Carefully making my way to the spot where I dropped the skull, I lift the human bone in my hands. Thankfully, I did not miss the message. I think it actually waited for me.

Good job, my child. Put the bones back and await a surprise.

The End

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