Chapter 1.2

With the idea in my head, I kept walking to see if I could get to my neighborhood-- I had somehow ended up very far from where I wanted to be-- torwards what my gut told me. There weren't any landmarks that I could make out. Everything was unrecognizable.

 But after a mile or so, the theory of me being kept alive was too important to not dwell on. Since I didn't see anything that could be eaten (anything that wasn't rock or crumbled building was burnt to ashes) or a water source, I was very grateful for my "super power" that I had gained. If something wanted me alive, it made sense since there was nothing that would help my appetite.

The healing part was pretty reasonable. But after thinking about it more until it felt like my head was going to burst, I realized that the shock had cleared my depression, too. I was totally open-minded, willing to do anything. No trace of negativity was visible.

It was a miracle, or at least something close.

I had finally reached the town where I had lived the life of a normal high schooler. I recognized most of the buildings, even though most of them were just piles of rubble. I could even fill in the gap where structures were missing.

And that was how I got to where I was now.

I reach the park, otherwise known as the jewel of the neighborhood. I find myself staring at a huge crater that has formed from where a beautiful marble fountain used to stand.

Before I can instruct mysellf to do otherwise, I carefully slide down into the hole. Some of the rock crumbles beneath my weight and when I get to the bottom I don't bother to brush the dirt off of my limbs. I am too focused on this hole. Something draws me to it, and I can't stop it.

I start by rubbing some dirt off of the surface, but nothing appears suddenly. I dig a tiny hole with my finger, but there is nothing special that makes an appearence.

I don't stop to pick the dirt that has made its way under my fingernails out. Suddenly what I would have done the day before now seems silly. A waste of time, really.

Soon I am scratching and digging at the wall of rock in front of me. It hurts my crumpled fingers, but I hardly notice. Something is forcing me to do this. But at the same time, I am hypnotized by the fact that I might be able to find something that could lead to answers.

I am so caught up in what I am doing that I don't flinch when my finger hits something. But it doesn't take long to snap out of my daze and back into reality.

I stare at the mysterious white object for an amount of seconds before trying to pull it out. It doesn't budge. I pull harder, even try tugging on it from hanging on the wall. But it doesn't budge.

But I don't give up. I decide to keep clawing at the dirt around it. As I am digging, I start do develop a picture in my mind of what it is. And by the time I am holding it in my hand, I know what this odd object is.

The End

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