The Girl Left Standing

My NaNoWriMo entry for 2011.

When a deadly earthquake apocalypse kills all sign of life on Earth, Raine would much rather be dead like the rest of the population.
But when she meets the person who she would least like to see standing right in front of her, nothing good happens when they are forced to compete in a contest that will determine who will survive and continue the human race.

Please enjoy!

As I walk across the cold and barren earth, I kick a piece of rubble with my boot and the pebble falls into a crack. I watch it drop, then continue ambling through the destroyed streets, glancing up and down and taking in what's left of my hometown.

The very few building that survived the blow are cut off halfway, everything inside burned to ash. Their top halves have crumpled beside them.

What used to be a street now consists of orange colored rock, cracks weaving on for miles. As I proceed forward I have to jump over canyons that have formed. I have to find another way around some of them.

After many hours of walking, I finally decide to stop. When brushing some wandering hair out of my eyes, for the first time I reflect on what has happened to me.

I only remember two things: waking up from unconsciouness, and realizing that no one or nothing was still alive. I turned in endless circles, searching for someone--anyone-- that could give me answers. But I found no one. Everyone and everything was gone.

That's when I lost it. My knees gave in and I sunk to the ground. My head was spinning and I couldn't concentrate. My breath came in irregular, shallow gulps.

This is a dream. The world was no where near an apocalypse. And even if it was real, there is no scientific explanation that only I would  live through a disaster.

My thoughts reeled. I could only try to persuade myself that this was a dream. But as my breath became raspier by the seconds, I didn't believe myself.

I was able to pinch my left arm, but nothing changed. The world around me was still revolving too fast for my taste.

I laid my right palm on my head to try to keep the giant headache that was forming down to a reasonable size. But something weird happened when my hand touched my temple.

 The minute the two sufaces joined, I felt a deep, fiery pain, as if my head was lit on fire. I started to panic, thinking my head was actually on fire. But as I freaked out, it was as if something sensed my worry. Everything stopped. The world came to an abrubting halt, the headache disappeared, and the blazing pain became an icy cold sensation for a second before dissolving.

It was as if something magical had happened. I regained any strength that I had lost, every pain in my body had disappeared, and it felt as if I had just eaten a big feast. Which brought me to wonder; had I been kept alive for a reason?

The End

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