The Girl in the Stall

A short story about a girl.

The restroom was the safest choice. You were hidden behind a door and two stalls on both sides. Your feet would be the only thing showing. And that was enough for 9th grader Juleen. She was fresh meat; not able to start on the first day of high school with every other 9th grade student was deemed the worst for her. Being a new student in a new city and being a 9th grader - nothing really could be worse.

Lunch time was her enemy. Juleen couldn't make friends and her classmates couldn't decide to be friends with her. So Juleen had to retreat to the one place where no one would ever see her alone - the restroom. And today was one of those days.

When she was safely behind the stall's door, she breathed a soft sigh of relief and placed her backpack on the hook. She then ripped certain lengths of toilet paper and placed them neatly on the toilet seat and plopped herself down. And she waited.

Juleen looked around her stall and saw the usual marks and scrawls all over the door and walls:

Life is what happens when you're making other plans.

Gina is a whore!!

This scool STINKZ.

Juleen shook her head and plopped her chin on top of her palms. She stayed in that position for a couple of minutes until she spotted a shadow and then shoes in the stall next to her.

How long has that person been there? Juleen thought. The shoes didn't move, nor the shadow. Juleen thought something could be wrong with the girl in the stall, but she heard her sniff, so she calmed down. A few girls came loudly into the restroom then, laughing and talking about a conversation Juleen assumed started early during lunch time. One girl entered the stall to Juleen's right and she could hear her unzip her pants and then her pee shooting down into the toilet. The girl finished, washed her hands, laughed with her friend, and they both left. Juleen looked towards the bottom of the left stall and the girl still was there.

Then it hit her. Juleen couldn't believe it. The girl next to her stall was actually doing the same thing. Juleen reddened a bit and thought maybe she should leave now. But where would she go? She couldn't stand the idea of herself walking around or sitting somewhere all alone. Staying here in the restroom with the unknown girl was much better - and safer. Then Juleen thought she should probably strike up a conversation with the girl, but decided against it quickly. She thought it was better to stay anonymous. The other girl wasn't talking, so why should she? But what if the other girl did start talking? What then?

Juleen pondered these thoughts until her head ached. She rubbed the side of her forehead and started to pretend she was actually using the restroom. She began to rip some pieces of the cheap school toilet paper - loudly - and started to fake cough. Juleen wanted the girl to think she had some kind of sickness of some sort. Though, with all the ruckus Juleen was making, the girl didn't budge one bit. Her shadow and shoes stayed constant. So Juleen began to do the same.

Juleen then decided, after some long minutes or so, that she was in the restroom long enough. Fortunately, the bell rang at that moment as well. Juleen dumped every toilet paper into the toilet bowl and flushed using her sneakers to push down the chipped metal lever. As she opened the stall, three girls came rushing in to use the restroom last minute or poof their hair or check their faces. Juleen thought they looked fine, but her opinion didn't matter. Not to these girls at least.

Juleen washed her hands even though she didn't need to, but she didn't want the girls standing around to think she was unhygienic. Juleen briefly caught one last glimpse of the shoes under the stall in the scratchy mirror that her new school probably would never replace before she headed out to class. Her shoes didn't budge and she didn't come out. Juleen smiled a little as she headed out, hoisting her backpack over her shoulder.

Maybe we could be friends some day...

The End

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