It truly was chucking it down but the coolness of the rain and the rate at which the drops were hitting my face made it preferable to the stuffy interior of the cafe. My mind just would not switch off, the mental images of her cold stare kept resurfacing and floating around in the empty space of my head. I began to walk off through the market, avoiding unwieldy umbrellas and rushing people but still trying to weave through the various market stalls with their waterfall canopies and swinging lights between them. I desperately tried to grasp at something to distract my heavy thoughts. Considering my finals were coming up, I really needed to buck up my ideas and forget about her, but I couldn't. I needed to get away. Breaking from the forest of the market stalls I headed for the bus stop and decided to head home. After deftly handing the money to the driver and mumbling my destination, I sat on the bus hoping some heavy rock music would prevent my mental cogs from turning. The bus arrived at the stop closest to my house, the rain didn't stop and neither did my longing for her to take me back.

The End

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