Bloold red....

                                                    Bang, Bang.

I smashed Tillies old car.  I wish this was Tillie.  If it wan't for her, I could have been sleelping over at May's house. I wish it was that easy.

         I turned to face the barn and frowned.  Than, I turned back to face the car and opend the door.  I crawled in the back seat and cruled up into a ball.

I close my eyes and fell into a peceful sleelp.

                                                          Three hours later......

I heard the car door open. I shot open my eye, thinking  I'd see Ryder or Tillie.

Not seeing Ryder or Tillie, I scermed.

A hand came down over my face.

"Shh...little one. You are fine, if you do what I say........I think."

I begin to try to fight the hand. First, I trie to bite the hand. Didn't work.

"Child, If you fight me, I might have to kill you." 

The End

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