The girl in red

Addline Marie is hatefilled. When a note on the barn that(with her silbings of course) she lives in tells her to ran, she talks no warning of it till, well I don't want tell it all!


                                                                I steped into the coldness of my barn.  Tillie filled in behide me.

Ryder steped out of the darkness and hugged Tillie. Tillie and him where like my Mom and Dad. Ryder is my real brother . tillie and him are getting married, so Ryder told me to be nice to her. Right....nice.

"Hello, Addie. How was your trip." He said acting like he cared. I rolled my eyes and walked to  the steps that lead to the loft, which was my room. Ryder and Tillie took the main level. With, my other silbings.

"Fine! Just fine!" I  said. I begin to climb the steps. When I got to  the frist landing, Gwens room, I stoped. Her room was plain. Her bed was navy blue. Her window showed the world to her, to me nothing.

I begin to climd up to my level and sighed.


The End

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