The Girl He Loved To Hate

Tick tick tick tick tick...

The pendulum swings.

The pulse of her heart heightened on the edge as he leaned in closer and inhaled the attractive aroma radiating off of her body.

With any luck, she could discover his dirty secret, although to do so would mean for herself to suffer.

There was no time - she had to act fast while the moment was still in reach.

She caught him by the mouth and to her total surprise, he struggled away from her touch.

"I don't think you understand... Red," He said, a chuckle leaving his lips but with an assertive edge.

"Understand?" Red replied in a falsetto voice "Silver, you want me. What more is their to understand-"

"Plenty, I assure you," Silver persisted, to Red's disbelief "As if to say... it's not enough. You, just their, it's not enough."

Red wondered what the hell was wrong with this guy, a girl like her, offered right their and then was not enough for him?! she wanted to show him a piece of her mind-

"The time has come." Silver told her softly, sinersterly.

 With quick movement he held Red by her wrists and caught her waist with his legs, captureing her body perfectly so that she was helpless.

"You are MINE." Silver breathed wickedly, an impish smile creeping onto his face "And you ALWAYS will be, you shall see."

The End

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