The Girl and the UniverseMature

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there lived a girl who always seemed to be the butt of the universal jokester's quips. She'd grow up to be blonde, blue-eyed and 5'9'', but was about 150 pounds more than she ought to be. Eager to escape the vastly growing gates of the city, she dreamed of travelling yet never learned how to drive. She loves Love, and loves to love, yet couldn't stand the thought of someone loving her. Who could love the daughter of the Sun? The Sun, for all its glory, is a source of light and heart - guidance and warmth - and yet is thousands of miles away. One cannot touch it, hug it, outrightly thank it and yet we are all a product of it . And yet, to travel to space to see this wonderful mother, one would quickly realize that the beautiful, calm, loving Sun is actually a violent ball of buring gas,malice and probably brimstone. Yet, back on Earth, the radiated light ignites her blonde hair and luminously reminds the world of spun gold; a gold no man would lovingly caress.

The End

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