The Girl and Her Guardian

The girl doesn't have a mother or a father. She has a guardian.

The girl watched me so intensly I thought she would blink in a seond, but of course she never did. The girl never moves, never blinks, and never loses her sight of me. Well at least I haven't seen her move.

I play with the girl, feed her, and dress her. But I am not her mother. I am simply her guardian sent to care for one girl for my life time. That is 100 years.

If she dies in that amount of time I take a new form. Her angel. When I become that angel I will watch her house.

I don't know the girl's name. They never told me and she never tells me. So I just call her Sweetie or sometimes just the girl.

She doesn't know she's my existence to live. I can't tell her. I wish I could, but they forbid me to.

We never talk. Only tell eachother stuff by signlanguage.

I shudder as I reach for her warm hand. She shudders as she reaches for my hand.

We're todally different, but yet some how we were made for eachother.

When she stands up I feel the heat radiating off her, trying to enter my frozen body. Lost in time. The heat just can't do it.

Once she moves I move in the same dirrection. Sometimes I hear people whisper behind our backs, "It's like she's glued to the girl." And it's true. I'm almost glued to her.

The girl goes into her bed at night and day and afternoon. I don't know how she sleeps so easily. For me I only get an hour of sleep. Most of the time anyway.

It's time for her nap so I tuck her in bed and watch as she sleeps soundlessly.

The End

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