The Little Girl

This little innocent girl, spewn into the world

was bright as ever, even considered a shooting star

but as she got older, her shine started to fade,

as she seen the world with a new taste


Her loving father, kept to himself

addicted to methamphetamine, had died screaming for help

Her mother, had abandoned her at a young age,

and now this little girl was left alone tearing away the days


She thought if she could run fast enough she could leave her past behind,

She thought if she was strong enough she could depend on herself,

but her family had a bad habit of caving in upon themselves.

breaking every promise they had ever made,

sheltering like hermits in their last golden days


This little girl generally kept to herself, worrying of what the people would say if she really spoke her mind

even though she was the only one of her kind

Eveh through the bullying and harassment

Still golden and true, with hope in her eyes, she did bloom


She learned to build her walls up, as thick as the gates of hell

For no one understood her, and this was quite true,

She thought to herself, what would happen if I ended this all now?

Just then people start to care.

“Oh no,” they said when she finally pulled the trigger

“She was so young and perfect”

For who would have thought, while her world was crumbling

A little girl inside was screaming and mumbling

For it was not the parents, or the kids that had made her so dark

But the war wedged deep inside herself, between her brian, and her heart

The End

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