There was nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing on the floor underneith the window or anywhere on the ground. A warm, uncomfortable feeling crept over me. I let myself fall onto the bed, resting my head against the cool wall as the room begun to spin. I closed my eyes for a while. I'm not sure how long I was there for. I felt like minutes but when I opened my eyes, night had fallen and the street light from outside was letting in a faint, soft glow.

   The girl was no where to be seen. Maybe it was a dream, now that I had woken up, it was over. Life could go back to normal. It never happened... I almost scowled to myself for making up such a lie. I couldn't of dreamt that. It was all to vivid.

  I looked at the round window, it was letting in a nice, cool breeze. The ragid curtain was blowing softly, from time to time stroking my face. At this moment everything in the room seemed calm and peaceful - forgetting the girls blood on the desk of course. How could, I thought, this room have been the scene for such a horric circumstance to take place? Yes the floor creaks and everything in the room is neglected but to me, it seems like a place to escape to.

The End

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