the girl

She walked along the darkened corridors, glancing above her every so often. she had a strange feeling that someone was following her. ''Stop it'' she told herself ''your just imagining it, theres no chance in hell anyone would want to  follow you, your the most boring person in the whole world, everyone hates you.'' Suddenly there was a loud noise, she turned around to face the damp dingy staircase she'd just past noticing the burnt out lockers as she turned. What happened to the place she once called school no one knew, there were theorys of course and rumours, but no one knew the truth. BANG she heard the noise again starting  to get worried now she slowly walked backwards keeping her focus on the place the noise was coming from just in case. Again she heard the noise, but this time it was quickly followed by the sound of footsteps coming from behind, before she had time to turn around  she was hit over the head with a broken computer monitor, probably stolen from one of the ICT rooms judging by the state of it. The girl fell to the ground unconcious, her attacker ran from the scene tacking the monitor with him. Somehow someone found her although why they were wandering around such a delapidated building in the middle of the afternoon no one knows.

The End

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