Sparking Interest

Tom had come to the store just to pick up a few items, namely some bar soap and deodorant. His mind was on other matters, so he was a little surprised to bump into Holly. He smiled at the contents in her shopping cart, and the smile only grew when he saw her expression.

He noticed a lot more than her expression, though. Of course he noticed how her blue jeans showed off her near perfect figure. Everyone who layed eyes on Holly noticed that. But, that wasn't even the first thing that Tom noticed. Her blue eyes were stunning, and he barely got a glimpse of them before she began to walk away, any thoughts of a continued conversation taken away by embarassment. But, Tom wasn't done.

"My name's Tom, by the way," he spoke up. Holly didn't seem to notice or was ignoring him. Either way, Tom walked up beside her and smiled. She can't ignore me now, Tom thought.

"The name's Tom. What's yours?"

"Holly." Her reply was soft, and she kept her head down.

"Did you want to go grab a cup of coffee or something?" His question sparked her interest, perhaps erasing some of the embarrasment.

Looking up, she said, "Yeah, that sounds good."

The End

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