The Gil-Mart Incident

Trying to be slick while pursuing a cute guy

Holly was selecting a shampoo, when she spotted from the corner of her eye, Tom, a tall built blond, wearing a baseball cap pass by.  His inviting musk caused a stimulating wave to move through Holly's libido and suddenly she could not remember if she needed hair products.  It was essential to get acquainted with him, so she slowly went to the next path of grooming needs to get a better glimpse of him while pretending to browse.  With his back towards her, he selected his favorite soap. Hoping he would turn around, Holly grabbed items without looking at them and tossed them in the shopping cart.  Then not to be obvious she walked the other way. A few more aisles down she spotted him again.  She slowly walked towards him trying to find something witty to say.  Tom was dreaming of training camp and did not realize anyone was approaching, so when he rotated from the shelf he bumped into Holly's cart.  

Feeling foolish, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry."

He was annoyed for a split second, until he looked at her, "It's alright. I really should pay more attention."  Reaching down to retrieve his items, he laughed, "Someone's gonna have fun tonight."

"What?" Holly felt her eyes pop out of her sockets, like one of those cartoon characters, and an inferno lit under her cheeks, seeing the three boxes fo variety pack condoms lying there. 


The End

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