Tricks and TradesMature

“Shh, don’t try and speak. An extract of Lakebloom mixed with ground up wolfs veins. Beautiful isn’t it? First, your brain stops sending all the right signals, then your heart beat starts to slow. The lack of brain activity and falling pulse slowly causes your body to go into shock because it believes you are dying, forcing you into unconsciousness, which should happen right about…now.” Farelt falls to the floor with a crash. Mezare chuckles and proceeds to drag Farelt over to the still glowing circle. It takes him longer than he expects due to Farelts size, but he eventually gets him into the center of the circle. Now he walks over to a bundle of supplies he has and pulls out some ropes which he uses to tie down Farelt. He hears a noise and looks over to see that the girl is beginning to come to her senses. He takes a moment to truly look at her for the first time since Farelt brought her in. She was stunning. Her long brunette hair fell over her beautiful face, and she had an equally impressive physique. But the most breathtaking thing about her was her eyes. She had eyes that were a fantastic emerald color, with little flecks of a copper color here and there that accentuated their beauty.

She makes another soft sound that breaks the trance Mezare was in. He takes some more of the rope and ties her to a chair in the corner. He plans to release her later, once he is ready to leave but he can’t risk her going to go get help while he is still in the cabin. A prison cell is no place for man of his caliber.

He finishes and returns to Farelt. He takes a small knife and cuts off his shirt, then carves a small symbol into his chest with it. He body resists involuntarily, but it is not enough. Mezare finishes and goes back to his preparations. Soon after, Farelt regains consciousness.

“What? Mezare? Mezare, release me now! You dare assault me! ME! A master summoner! You will pay for this with your life!” He begins to chant what would be a spell, but stops as the symbol on his chest begins to glow. He screams for a moment, tries to cast once again, and is met with the same result, only magnified.

“As entertaining as this is, I will ask you to stop trying to free yourself with magic. The carving in your flesh will suppress your abilities as long as you persist, and the burning will only get worse with each attempt. I would prefer it if you had stayed asleep until the ritual was over, but since that is no longer possible, I would ask you not to kill yourself by continuing your futile efforts.”

“Why are you doing this?! We are friends! We planned this together!”

“Hahaha. Really? I think not. Once I finished drawing the symbols and preparing you would have killed me. Do not treat me like a fool who can not see the knife held at his throat.”

“That’s insane! You yourself said that the tomes called for two to perform the ritual and summon the entity! I could not have killed you or I would fail as well! And if you believed this, why have me get the girl? You said we needed to sacrifice an innocent for the ritual. ”

“That is what I said. Strange that a self-proclaimed master of the Dark schools of Magic cannot read the language of the Dark Gods he worships. That is the only reason you came to me in the first place is, it not? To read them for you? Why you had me meet you late in the night at your home, in secret.”

“We met in secret because this is beyond illegal! It is punishable by death without trial!”

 “Or maybe because it was the perfect place to kill me once I was finished. The actual ritual calls for the sacrifice of anyone, and requires only one to perform the incantation. The girl was just a ruse to keep you occupied and ensure my safety. I needed you to think it was an innocent so you would not think to sacrifice me, for I am in no way innocent, and for you to think it took both of us so I would not be killed once the ritual was transcribed for you. I had hoped I would have finished my preparations before you had actually found and kidnapped anyone, but you know what they say about the best laid plans.”

“Mezare, please, you don’t need to do this! The girl is still here and the rune will prevent me from casting for a long time to come, so I am no threat to you! Release me and we can still do it together, like we planned!”

“Weplanned nothing.Youplanned a scenario that no longer exists. Besides, why would I share the gift I am to be given when I can have it for myself? Although I must thank you. You are giving your life help me become one of the most powerful Mages in the world.” Before he can respond, Mezare gags him so all that comes out now are his murmurs of discontent, which will be nothing but a memory soon anyway.

The End

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