Mezare murmurs a short spell and raises his hand as a ball of fire springs from nothingness to float in his hand, illuminating the room. Before him lies a young girl, no older than 18 or 19, and in the doorway stands Farelt, who struggles as he fights to lock out the wind, and eventually manages to shut it.

Farelt leans his large body against the door and begins to wheeze as he catches his breath. He is not a weak man, but he is old, and needs his rest after, especially after something as strenuous as a kidnapping. As he catches his breath, he slides down and sits against the door. He unbuttons his jacket and slides it off, then uses the same spell Mezare did to warm himself.

In the light Mezare can make out all of his companions rough features. He has cold grey eyes, and old cracked lips. His face is scarred and weathered from years of fighting, and he has a long grey beard that is surprisingly full in comparison to his bald head. His body is thick and muscular, made more impressive when he stands next to Mezare, a thin and wiry character who would not look intimidating in even the most favorable lighting. He can at least be glad his eyes did not look like Farelts. Along with being cold, they seemed lifeless, like stone orbs.

Mezare flicks some small flames off his own hand to relight the candles and then extinguishes the flames he had spawned. He looks over to Farelt and greets him, asking how his trip has been.

“Fine, fine my friend. I saw many signs along the way that have convinced me that something favors us in our endeavor.”

“Signs? Such as?”

He smiles and points toward the girl who remains unconscious on the floor. “As I came upon her home, I found that her parents were out for the night, a pleasant surprise in itself, but then she wandered outside by her own accord. I didn’t even need to find a way in. And as I made my approach, the clouds rolled in with that hellish wind, drowning out both the moonlight in which someone may have witnessed my wicked deed, and her cries for help.” A sickening smile crossed over his lips. 

“Hmm, well, let us hope you are right my friend. Gathering the knowledge to perform this ritual has taken us much, much too long. If we are to fail tonight, I doubt either of us will have enough time on this world to find the secrets to another ritual that will grant us what we seek.”

“Don’t speak of such things Mezare! We will succeed, and be granted power beyond our wildest dreams! However, remember, we must not ask for power. That could be turned against us, eschewed into some horrific trick you hear in the stories of Conjurers long dead. The beings that reside in the darker realms of existence are cunning and will do whatever they can to turn our wishes against us.” Mezare sighs, for he has heard this many, many times and is in no mood to be lectured on the trickery of Dark Gods. He is not a simpleton and would not be made a fool like countless others before him.

“Yes, yes I know. We must ask for a gift, for a gift is in its nature beneficial, but we must specify that it is to be beneficial by human standards. You have told me this many, many time, yet you continue to lecture me. I will not forget old man, now let us hurry. I wish to begin shortly.”

“Fine, fine. I see you are already in your robes. Let me go change. You tie the girl down and prepare whatever else needs to be done.” He puts out the fire he created and begins to walk toward the back bedroom of the house. As he passes by, Mezare reaches into his robe and pulls out a small vial filled with a clear liquid that seems to emit a smoke within the vial. He uncaps it and walks toward Farelt.

“Oh that won’t be necessary. You are dressed perfectly as you are.”

“What are you talking abahgh…” He turns and starts to object but the liquid drowns out his words as Mezare splashes it in his face. He reaches up and rubs it out of his face.

“What the…why can’t… I…feel…” His voice slows as he starts to sway and lose his balance. Mezare steps aside and smiles.

The End

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