The GiftMature

Mezare looks out upon the darkness with vigilant eyes. The wind had brought the chill of the north in the night and iced over the window, and now, combined with the darkness, makes even the trees which lie just beyond the cabin's porch indiscernible. 

He pulls himself from the window and begins to pace nervously. Farelt should be back by now. Mezare would have no way of continuing the ceremony without him, and he does not like Farelt being out there by himself. He is not afraid of being caught alone; he could deal with anything short of a Dark Guard patrol. He was more afraid of the forest's less…human threats. This cabin was chosen for that very reason. The forest is rumored to be filled with a host of inhuman beasts… some Mezare knows to be more real than myth. The rumors kept travelers out, which in turn kept the Dark Guard from patrolling. It also ensured its darker denizens were left to there own devices.

He decides that pacing will not bring them back any sooner. Anxiety won't distract him any longer. He stops and looks around for the chalk he had put down and finds it next to the table he leaned on as he looked out the window. He grabs it and moves towards the center of the room, where he had set up the large circle of candles and begun to draw the summoning symbols. They slowly form a circle as he draws them from memory, then move inward to create another inner circle of more complex runes. Repeating the process once more yields a third ring. As he completes the last of the markings, they begin to glow a soft iridescent blue. He smiles.

Before he can decide what to do next the door opens with a crash. The wind rushes in with screams that deafen the ears and smother the light of the candles, leaving him in the dark with whoever has broken in. He hears a thud over the wind and a small, feeble cry as a dark shape falls to the floor in front of the doorway. Another figure is silhouetted against the blacker shade of night in the doorway.

The End

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