Chapter One


                   Mia couldn’t concentrate on any of her lessons at school that day, she was trying to recall any part of the dream she could, occasionally she’d get a fleeting image of a dress or a face, just for a moment, her English teacher had actually had to poke her and remind Mia that the bell for break had rung.

                    Deciding to spend her lunch break in the school library, Mia strode through the grey halls, waving to friends who asked what her plans after school were.  Mia was sixteen, naturally pretty with long light brown hair, light blue eyes and a kind smile, she was a well behaved girl, who worked hard at school, had lots of good friends and was generally well liked.

                    The library was deserted, except for the old librarian who looked asleep most of the time, her head drooped over and mouth slightly open.  Mia walked straight past her and turned on the library computer, she looked up the only part of the dream she still could remember, The Ghouls Fair, but found the school library index had no record of reference to such an event.

                     Mia signed onto the internet and tried to searching the fair, she found thousands of results, but none of them looked right.  She sat in front of the screen hour the next twenty minutes skipping page after page of search results, until, on page 79, under the hundredth result for an old nineteen fifties film, ‘The Monster Ball, she found a link mark, ‘Medieval Myths-Vampires Mass-Warlocks Meet-Ghouls Fair’.

                 Mia clicked the link and the screen went blank, she watched the small loading icon at the bottom of the screen, it seemed to be taking forever to connect to the next page.  The end of break bell rang deafeningly loud, Mia looked up to see pupils dragging themselves sluggishly back towards the class room doors, she did not want to be late, but the page was almost ready, she looked over at the old librarian, but was sure she was still fast asleep. 

                 The screen suddenly flicker and the top half of the next page loaded, a black back ground with a large red banner, just like the one she had seen in her dream, it bore the legend,

‘The Ghouls Fair’

Mia looked at the words excitedly, she could feel adrenalin pumping through her body as the rest of the screen finished loading, and a withered old hand reached round from behind the monitor, switching it off,

“Class” the old librarian said.

                               Mia could not wait for lessons to finish, she needed to get home and look for that page again on her own computer, she couldn’t understand how she could have dreamed about something she had never even heard of before.  When the final bell sounded, Mia was up and out of the room before her teacher had even finished dismissing them, she ran down the stairs, calling back to her friends shouting they’d see her tomorrow, and off, through the yard, to where her dad would be waiting to pick her up,

“So how was school today?”

“Way to long and twice as boring” she replied smiling at him.

                             When she got in, Mia ran to the kitchen, grabbing a can of coke from the fridge, kissing her mother and then disappeared upstairs to her room.  She turned on her computer and went back to search engine she used before,

“Page 79” she clicked the page number and up popped the list, just as she had seen it before, the fifties film link then underneath, she stopped moving the cursor, she stared at the screen, baffled.  The link she had found earlier that day was gone.

                                     Mia tried again and again to find The Ghouls Fair listed anywhere, but there was no trace.  She tried the other names of events that had been included in the link, Vampires Mass, Warlocks Meet no results would come up for either,

“It can’t have just disappeared?” she told the empty room,

“MIA DINERS READY!” called her mum from downstairs.  Mia turned her computer off, feeling very frustrated and vowing to return to her search the second she had finished eating.

                                 Mia did indeed return to her search, she spent the next three hours glued to her monitor, searching anything she could think of that might have anything to do with the fair, but still all the results she got pointed towards fantasy books or movies, feeling utterly disheartened, Mia eventually gave in, got ready for bed, then curled up under the covers, a little unsure if she wanted to dream of the fair again, or not.

                                 She lay in the darkness, listening to the sounds of the outside world, cars in the distance, a train sounding its horn a long way away, her head was filled with puzzlement over why she could not find the page she had found at school, and how frustrating it was that the librarian had to turn the monitor off right then.  She rolled onto her side and pulled the covers up under her chin, perhaps she would dream about the fair again, if she did, should she be scared, or excited?

                            Soon she her eye lids started feeling heavy, her vision was blurring and the noises from outside were fading into the distance.  She fell into a deep sleep, her eyes almost instantly began to roll around under their lids, she was dreaming.

                          Mia stood in the dream world mist it was changing faster than before, the walls of the castle and buildings of the town morphing out of the mist quickly.  Mia watched as sign appeared above the Virgins Neck inn, the stalls of the market place sprang out of nowhere, displaying their strange and weird wares.  Mia walked up the same street she had before and saw the banner was already hanging above the archway.

                        The lights shining brightly in the shops, inn and houses, the sound of voices growing louder by the second,

“I’m so glad you came back, Mia” She turned quickly at the sound of the voice, and saw the skeleton standing in the middle of the courtyard,

“Who are you?” she asked nervously, “How do you know my name?”

“Forgive me,” the skeleton took a long, low bow, “I am, Lord Bastian Wetherby-Price, you may call me Bastian”

“” she really had no clue what to say to a skeleton, especially one that introduced himself so formally and spoke in such a refined manner,

“Hello indeed, little one,” Bastian tilted his head.  She presumed he was looking as he had no eyes, in an approving way,

“There really is no reason to be scared, no one will harm you here, Mia”

“I’m not scared” she lied, then looking around, noticed that others had arrived in the yard, the woman in a red satin dress, she smiled at Mia, flashing her fangs.  The yellow skinned man in robes had arrived at Bastian’s side, he was watching Mia intently. 

                          Countless other strange creatures had appeared, a group of men in dark blue robes carrying books and whispering to each other, a woman who seemed to be slightly transparent was floating across the yard, and with a start, Mia realised she was a ghost.  

“Mia, we are all very glad to meet you” Bastian said, he walked across the yard towards her, Mia had expected to hear his bones creak as he walked, but his footsteps sounded strong, he held out a hand for her to shake, nervously, Mia accepted it,

“You didn’t answer my second question” Mia said bravely,

“Indeed I did not, but you see,” Bastian leaned closer, “that is a very difficult question to ask, and unfortunately, you are about to wake up”

The air was filled with noise, terrible, loud noise.  Mia put her hands up over her ears, but could not block it out, then the street, yard and people around her faded into mist, and her eyes opened, her father was standing in front of her bed,

“Sorry Mi, was trying to get the spare suitcase out of your wardrobe”

Mia let her head fall back to her pillow and closed her eyes, she was wide awake now and already, somehow knew, even if she did get back to sleep, she wouldn't dream about the fair again.

The End

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