The Ghouls Fair

                           Mia twisted in her bed sheets, twisting them into a rope that wrapped itself around her legs. The moon light pouring in through the break in her curtains, glistened against the perspiration covering her body, her eyes flickered wildly under their lids.  Her hands gripped her covers, pulling them over her body then pushing away again, in her dream, she was lost, confused and unable to wake herself up.

                           She stood alone in a black world with nothing but a swirling mist around her, with each step she took it seemed to follow her, growing dense to halt her progress.  Mia tried to change direction and run another way, but then she had no idea which way she had run from in the first place, there was no start to this place, no end, she was trapped.

                           Then the shape of the world began to shift, Mia could now see a distinct light in the distance, glowing softly in mid air.  Mia watched its progress as the air around the light began to change, where before there was only a light there was now a torch, one of those old wooden ones from medieval times, just hanging there, in midair. 

                            The a wall formed behind the torch, it grew up and out taking form, it looked old, stone and mortar built.  Higher and higher the wall grew, stretching out as far as Mai could see.  Then other stone walls began to grow around her, cobbles began to erupt from nowhere beneath her feet, and within seconds, Mia saw she was now standing in the mist filled streets of a town built around an enormous, dark castle.

                              Other things formed out of the mist, wagons and stalls appeared, laden with strange and unusual things.  One stall had shelves of dead things floating in jars, another, maps and charts labelled with places she had never heard of.  Mia moved down the street, around her signs were popping into existence over the buildings the one she was passing had just become the ‘Virgins Neck’ inn. Candle light flickering to life inside the windows.

                             A sudden aroma filled the night air, for the sky remained black as coal, the scent of cooking mixed with the foulness of a sewer, it was a powerful smell.  Mia knew she was asleep, she knew she was dreaming this place and yet, it all felt so real.  She continued walking the cobbled streets until she found herself in open wide space.

                              All around her, benches lined the walls, and a small wooden platform sat in the centre, she guessed this must be a place for performances or announcements.  As she stood in the yard, Mia suddenly noticed moving within the buildings.  Shadows crossed the lights in the windows, voices were now flooding the street Mia could feel eyes watching her, there was a cold wind filling the night, sending shivers up and down her spine.

                             There were footsteps moving through the streets around her now, laughter and shouting came from the inn, doors elsewhere were slamming loudly, at any moment, Mia would be surrounded and she could only imagine what was coming.  Then a large banner unfolded itself from the floor, it slid up the wall and over the archway on the other side of the yard and she read the words carefully inside her head

Welcome to the Ghouls Fair’

                               Mia stared at the banner open mouthed, perhaps it was a celebration, like Halloween, but then, she was still dreaming.  Mia turned to head back the way she had come, driven by the desire to get as far away from this place as she could and wake up, was pushing her to do something other than just stand there.  As she reached the start of the street she had walked down, the inn door swung open.  A tall woman, deathly white with long flowing black hair, deep, red eyes and wearing a beautiful, red, satin gown stood in the escaping light, staring down at her, and when she smiled, Mia saw her pearl with fangs.

                      Mia turned and ran, she made for the open area and hoped to make her escape another way, when she reached the court yard Mia came to a sudden stop, standing under the archway  was a man unlike any she had ever seen, his head grew up into a point, his ears also grew into sharp points.  His skin was yellow he was dressed in a yellow and green robe that reached down past his feet, he raised his hands and clapped at her with a small grin on his strange face.

                      Then she felt a hand come down on her shoulder, Mia’s eyes widened and her body shook violently, she could not move, only her eyes seemed able to function, rolling in their sockets to try and see the hand.  Finally, she felt feeling coming back, her neck no longer felt locked, she turned it slowly and stared down at a skeletal hand, bones gripping her tightly, she could feel them pressing down on her.

                      The hand that held her pulled, turning her round to face its owner, and staring back at her with empty black eye sockets, dressed in a long red jacket with tails, frilly white shirt with an enormous collar and finished off with blue trousers and knee length ridding boots, was a skeleton.  Mia opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out, the skeleton raised its free hand to its fleshless lips and ‘shushed her.  The skeleton opened its mouth as if to speak, but something in the back of her mind was trying to push through the dream, a sound, a ringing in her ears, then the world around her began to change, everything was turning back into mist before her eyes.  Mia tried to hold onto the image, but then she was awake, then she was looking at her alarm clock, hating its electronic beeping, and the dream had almost completely faded, all but two words,

Ghouls Fair

The End

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