The Ghosts' Worst Nightmare

What did I smell? The freshness of a laundry detergent, but with one spray bottle that makes the Island scent come alive. To all of the ghosts. Keep away! I have a secret weapon, and it'll be the death of you. October 31st will not be your best night ever. You will be screaming in horror, and I will be laughing. I will be laughing when you evaporate into a thin air.

Spray, spray, spray! Ohhhh! They hate it! They hate it so much. It smells fresh and clean. They are chocking, begging for me to stop. But I can't stop, I won't stop. It's their worst nightmare. They will have dreams about this. People are spraying them in their houses. They can't even get to scare the children without the floral scent giving them ghost cancer.

They're dying, because I continue to spray, and then Gain finished them off. Oh what a horrible way to die smelling like sunshine paradise. And to the vampires, you know you will perish too!

The End

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