Into the burning abyss

Benjamin Harold had never been one to follow his instincts. He was always thinking things through before leaping into action. But when the situation called for it, he had no choice and he realized what exactly he was getting himself into as he jumped into the burning abyss of flames.

At once a fit of coughs overtook his body as he stood in the centre of what looked like the hallway or had been at a certain time. His shirt wasn’t enough to hold back the thick waves of smoke that hit him. For a mere second he thought of running back outside, to a safer place where a burning house probably wouldn’t collapse on top of him. Nevertheless, Benjamin was responsible for his actions and knowing that Mr. Anderson was somewhere in this house, more helpless than himself, he didn’t have the heart to leave.  

Where should I go? That’s a question he didn’t have much time to ponder upon as he noticed the walls around him were going to cave in any second now.Think! Where would Mr. Anderson be?Observing people in the neighborhood from his small window located in his bedroom had been one of his favorite activities. During the night, he’d notice the smallest light constantly flickering on and off through the windows of the attic and the fragile figure of Mr. Anderson wheeling across the attic. Surely, if luck was in Benjamin’s way, that’s where Mr. Anderson would be.

Benjamin raced up the stairs as fast as he could, all the while coughing and holding his shirt to his face very tightly. There was a skip in his heart when he heard the weak voice of Mr. Anderson yelling, “Help!” And it was coming exactly from behind the attic door. Turning the knob, he hurried in and noticed that Mr. Anderson was paler and more ghostly like than ever before. Beads of sweat illuminated his face and he gasped, “Please, help me get out of here.”

Benjamin hurried and looked out the window. Flames were creeping up the side of the house and it would only be a matter of minutes before it engulfed the attic. There were only two ways he could get out. Taking the hard way – jumping out with Mr. Anderson in his arms, or the even harder way – going back down.

Which should he choose?


The End

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