The ghostly grave yard

One wet, cold, windy night alex was sitting at home on the sofa she was so bored there was nout on the telly. So her dad said " why dont we do something diffrent tonight " " like what " asked alex " mmm.... how about we go down to the grave yard and see if we can see any sprits or ghosts down there". So alex and her dad walked down to there nearst grave yard. When they got there they quietly and carefully steped into the grave yard. " What time is it dad ?" asked alex . " it is 12:00" repled dad. Alex and her dad walked around the grave yard there was nothing to be seen so alex and her dad walked back over to the gates when they where walking back to the gates they saw this figure in the mist so alex and her dad went up to this figure " hello" said alex to the figure the figure never repled to alex. But the figure floated to the gates and as soon as it floated out of the gates it dissapered into the air but was it seen again......



The End

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