Why did she say this?

Why did she say this? Brian hadn't killed anyone, he wouldn't hurt a fly, quite literally, and he'd saved hundreds of beetles ans spiders from certain death at the hands of both Breyl and Gladys. He didn't like slugs at all but he wouldn't callously slaughter one, he was a strict vegan, and hated his job at the chicken factory. So, why did she say it? Mary Anee Willis was Brian's play mate when he was seven and had disappeared in mysreious circumstances in nineteen sixty eight. It suddenly struck Brian that it was Beryl who had killed Mary and that she was trying to pin it on him! What kind of a woman would come back from the dead to frame an innocent man with murder? What kind of spirit gets sucked into a cat turd? Cat's didn't even like Berryl, their fur would stand on end. they'd arch their backs and hiss, backing away, whenever she went near one. What kind of authority was that to speak on behalf of the master of life and prince of peace? Brian was inflamed with righteous indignation, and he laughed at the pitiful thing which stood before him. Beryl's lower lip quivered, she'd been refused entrance into heaven, she'd been refused entry into hell, and now, the humiliation, Brian makepeace wasn't even afraid of her. She disappeared completely in a puff of sulphur. Gladys ran in, with a nintynine, she'd wanted to place on her mother's shrine. Imagine her horror when Brian told her that Beryl had disapperaed, and when she saw that the stain that could not be removed was now gone too! She was furious with Brian, and threw him out. This turned out to be the making of Brian. He left his job at the chicken factory and joined a load of roadies who travelled around all summer at festivals and he danced in the hot summer nights with beautiful girls, and generally lived a rich and fruitful, happy life. When he died he went straight to heaven where he met Marilyn Monroe and found they got on well and lived many lives together on many planets as well as this one always in bliss! Such is the reward for he that stands up to tyrants but does not practice tyranny!
The End

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