Arguments rummbled around my head as I went to pack clothes. This isn't real, it couldn't be, maybe my psyche really was becoming damaged. I reached up to feel my lips and there it was...a smile. I guess I can give into dreams this one time.

"Is everything okay?" Danny whispered again, now remembering I lived here with parents, ones whom hated him to quite a strong extent.

I withdrew a shivered breath and turned to him,
"Ofcourse I am, I've never been more okay, I just don't want to lose you." I smiled the smile I recall he loved and he just winked back. Fair Doo's.
I swirrled back and continued packing, my mind was now absent of thought. I was just conserntrating on the smell that was now pertruding from my floorboards. It was like burning flesh.

Suddenly a giant red arm, with veins pertruding from it and large, obscene claws, shot out of my floor boards. The scream had again been lost. An arm grabbed me and dragged me out the room. The arm was now dragging more of itself out. The demons were coming. I shook with fear. I couldn't move from the stair well. I was immobile. Something shook me. Before I knew it I was on Danny's shoulder. We fled the demons.

Once we were outside I finally inhaled a deep, intoxicating breath of fresh oxygen.

Danny smashed my dads car window and lept inside.
"You coming, Mandy?"
I made a strange, "Nyyaaaa." Sound and tummbled in the car.
Before I knew it we were speeding away from my family, my life, my home...
We we're leaving....
I didn't even get to say good bye.

The End

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