Reality or Dream?

"Mandy..." Whispered a soft voice.

I looked around slowly and sighed. Nothing.

"Mandy..." There it was again, so soft it could've been carried from the wind. I closed my eyes and tried to compose myself.

"Is someone calling me?" I whispered back.

I then shook my head frantically. This is just insane hallucinations. Me thinking I can hear someone calling me. He's not coming back, hallucinations wont soften that.

And just as I had thought that a soft swirling red smoke began to billow from the floor. I choked and swatted the smoke away. My hand lapped up the smoke and scattered it like dirt on Danny's grave.

Suddenly a hand shot out the smoke and grabbed mine. The scream got lost somewhere.

The hand was burnt badly, to the point the skin had peeled and crusted. I whimpered and deserately pulled my hand away.

"Help me....out...I...Can't get out...they're coming." The Voice wheezed.

I grabbed it's sick hand and pulled it frantically, and as his arm slowly started to unearth I realised I recognised the suit he seemed to wear.

I sniffeled and pulled more and more the the point he could do it himself.

He got to his feet, dusted his funeral outfit off and smiled that same old smile. His eyes still gleamed. His hair was still messy.

"Mandy? Babe, I'm here. It's me. Danny. Babe? You don't look so good..."

I slapped my face and looked again...Was it him? This can't be real. Should I give into insanity...he's worth it.

I ran to him and tackled him to the ground.

"How Dare you die and leave me all alone, how could you, you idiot...I love you, you git!! Grrr, You don't deserve me."

All he did was giggle that same old giggle that he did when I was angry and his non-burned hand stroked my face with the same knowing fingertips.

"Babe...I got sent to hell..." A soft tear then fell down his same old face.

"No suprise, you weren't no saint." I then giggled and snuggled into him again.

"It weren't no picnic," He laughed once then his face fell, "We have to leave, right now, we have to leave..."

I moved back slowly, my eyebrows furrowed.

"What do you mean, 'leave.' I'm not going anywhere, I have you now!"

"I escaped hell babe, they don't just let you leave." His hands then reached out for me and I held them as tenderly as I have done before, "They're after me, the demons, we need to run, run far away, to somewhere they can't find me."

"Why me?"

He pulled me down to the floor with him, brushed my hair away and softly whispered all I needed to hear,

"Because I love you babe, you kept me alive, you're why I broke out, you're everything to me."

The End

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