Leave me be.

I hugged my nobbly knees and sobbed silent yet emotion-filled tears. I rocked insanely on my bed. Everything swirled violently in my head, thoughts of my dead body being found the next morning, thoughts of me splatting on the ground, thoughts of my blood painting the walls. I rocked faster, the thoughts slowly sinking into my skull.

"Mandy!" My mum boomed up the stairs, "Are you STILL crying up there?"

I wiped my tears and sighed, "No mum,"I snivelled back,"I'm fine."

I heard her sigh from the distance and start ranting to herself that it had been 4 days since the funeral and nothing's changed. I don't want to be happy, not without my Danny. MY DANNY. He's gone. Drifted away. His life essence now gone, never to return.

There was a soft tap at the door and my dad burst in.

"Stop Crying, stop crying NOW. Crying Will not bring him back. Stop it. Stop this madness!"                                                                                

"Leave Me Be Dad...."

"No, pull yourself together. He's not coming back! He's a worm burger now. Ain't nothing you can do."

He stormed out, his words polluting my mind. I didn't want him in my mind, yet some how, he stayed there. His words buried good and deep like Dannys body.

The End

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