The Ghost Of You.

Why did you have to leave me? Why did you have to come back?

The funeral for Danny Adam-Smith was a very short one under the circumstances. The whole town had come to pay their respects; from the mayor to the butcher. There were few words said of his life. Of his death. No one noticed me. Right next to his grave. Black rose in hand with the tear-stained veil and the thoughts of suicide.

I loved Danny. He was the only one for me. He was out late at night with the lads. Bumming around, having a laugh when BOOM. Hit with a train.

He must have known not to play at the train tracks. Then again, when intoxicated you have no idea whats a train track and what's a bus stop.

The preist said his words then left us to grieve. I missed his deep blue eyes, his long shaggy black hair, the way he called me 'Andy' instead of Mandy when he got drunk.

I sank by his grave and stroked the letters of his name. The name I loved. The last name I wanted as my own. I rested my head on the cool marble and left myself there. Wanting death to take me with him for I knew that life would now be forever unbearable.

The End

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