The Ghost of YouMature

The pale orange of the rising sun crept through the muggy glass windows of apartment 4-B, illuminating the sleeping figure of Wrenn Ames. The sun’s rays crept their way across the floor, to the sofa where the girl laid, exposed.

The warmth of the sun’s gentle embrace interrupted the raven and red haired girl’s dreamless sleep, easing her resting body into a state of semi consciousness.

A loud groan emitted from the girl’s lips as she lifted her aching body up off the not-so-comfortable dull brown sofa, and into a sitting position. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes with her fists, blinking hard as she observed her surroundings.

The sofa she was occupying was placed in the center of an uncomfortably small apartment, taking up most of the room. The rest of the apartment was visible from where she sat; the ‘kitchen’ was to her right, and was separated from the ‘living room’ by a small counter, and the washroom was behind a small door to her left.

The washroom itself was cramped, and contained just a toilet, mirror, and shower. There was no bedroom, and the rest of the tiny apartment was crowded with various papers, books, clothes, and empty food and drink containers.

“I need to clean this place…” The girl muttered to herself as she stood, and waded her way through the battlefield of a mess, dodging her way around things she could potentially step on, and subsequently hurt herself, on her way to the kitchen. She repeated that same line every day like a broken record, but never got around to actually cleaning anything, despite the hazardous conditions she was living under.

Upon reaching the kitchen, she set to work on making a pot of coffee. It was the crack of dawn, and she definitely wasn’t going to make it through the day without her daily dose of java. While the coffee was slowly brewing, she popped two slices of bread into the toaster.

With her arms crossed over her bare chest, and her left leg resting against the cupboard she patiently waited for her breakfast. A minute passed, and her finger was tapping against her arm as her forced patience was wearing thin. Another minute. She turned around, placing both of her hands on the countertop and leaned down to the toaster, staring at it irritably.

“Come on, you stupid piece of crap…” She grumbled, her icy glare intensifying.

The toaster whirred softly as it cooked the bread at its own pace. Obviously, Wrenn’s glare was doing no intimidating.

A few moments passed, and nothing happened. She was beginning to get irritated with the appliance that was holding her toast hostage. She let out a puff of air, and began to pull back from the toaster when it suddenly popped, startling the girl. She jumped back with a slight gasp, her heart pounding hard against her chest.
“Scared by a goddamn toaster!” She groaned, hitting herself in the forehead with her palm. “What the hell is wrong with me?”

After retrieving her golden browned toast from the despicable appliance, Wrenn set about buttering her meal. She managed that feat hitch-free, and chomped down on one of the two slices.

She finished her toast promptly, and looked over at the coffee maker. The pot was still only a third full of black liquid, telling her that she had plenty of time before she was going to be able to have a cup of the bitter drink. She ate her second piece of toast, wiping a few stray crumbs from her lips.

She leaned against the counter again and looked down at herself. She had yet to change out of her ‘sleepwear’, which actually consisted of nothing but her bare flesh, so she was starting to feel the chill of the morning air.

She eyed her naked figure for a few moments. She was satisfied with her body, for the most part. She had average sized breasts, a flat stomach, and lean, athletic legs. Her eyes roamed down her own body, stopping at her left ankle, where a small black strap attached to a larger black box resided. The black box had a small green light on the top, signaling that she wasn’t out of her ‘safe zone’. Her tracker. She lifted her foot slightly, wiggling it back and forth as she let out a loud sigh.

”You either go to prison for six months, and wear this for a year,” The burly woman started, holding up a black box with a similarly black strap attached to it. “or you go to prison for two years. Pick your poison.”

A shiver ran down her spine, and she decided that it was time to shower, and throw on something.

She waded through her mess of an apartment once again, picking out a few articles of clothing as she went along. She made her way over to her bathroom, pushing a pile of dirty clothes out of the way in order to close the door behind her.

Looking in the mirror, she tucked a piece of dyed red and black hair behind her ear, giving herself a better view of her face as she stared at her reflection intently. Icy blue eyes gazed back at her, cold and emotionless.

She stared at the reflection blankly as she analyzed her features. Her elegantly structured face was pale, and clear. There were no blemishes, giving her the look of porcelain. Her eyes were pale blue, and stared with an intensity that would have made any man’s skin crawl. Her hair was long, reaching the center of her back, and straight.

Piercings were a thing that Wrenn had always admired, and she sported quite a few herself. There was a rainbow colored barbell in her right eyebrow, a silver metal ring on her left nostril, and a silver labret occupying just below the center of her lip. Besides her facial piercings, she also had seven ear piercings; three in each lobe, and her right cartilage.

Wrenn stuck out her tongue at her reflection, twisting her face into a silly expression, which managed to emit a chuckle from the girl before she pushed away from the wall harboring the mirror, and took a few steps to the left, arriving at the shower.

She turned the knob to the left and waited for the surge of cold water to heat up. She then turned the knob back, enough to lessen the deluge of water to a mere sprinkling of hot droplets.

She tossed the clothes she just salvaged from her living room floor onto the closed toilet seat lid, and hopped into the steaming shower.

The hot droplets of water poured down her naked form in sheets, washing away the aches and pains that were inhabiting her muscles. The girl exhaled a loud contented sigh as her body loosened, and her mind got lost in the pure ecstasy that was her shower.

For what seemed like hours, she merely stood in the downpour, soaking up the heat. Her bliss was soon interrupted when the water’s heat began to lessen, and she realized that the hot water tank was probably nearing empty. She quickly shampooed, and conditioned her hair, making sure to get out all of the excess residue.

She was washing her body when the water turned ice cold. She let out a loud gasp and hopped around the shower, desperately trying to rinse off all of the soap before she froze to death. She hopped over to the faucet, feverishly avoiding the icy blasts of water that were attacking her naked body, and quickly turned the knob to the left; killing the watery beast coming from her showerhead.

“Fuck…” She gasped, grabbing a big red towel from the floor and wrapping it around her body, desperate for some heat.

She dried herself promptly, still shivering from the cold water that engulfed her moments earlier. After she was satisfied with her drying job, she grabbed her clothes from the toilet seat. She pulled on her plain white panties, hopping on one foot as she pulled them up over the other leg, trying to keep her balance.

After safely covering her lower half with their respective clothing article, she professionally put on her bra, followed by a black tank top, a pair of dark blue jeans, and a studded belt. Satisfied, she left the bathroom and went back to check on her coffee.

To her luck, the coffee had completely brewed itself, and was now sitting in the glass pot, completely full. She smiled to herself, glad that something was going right this morning.

She strategically made her way over to the kitchen, completely missing anything that could cause her injury. She poured up a mug of coffee, leaving it black. Just the way she liked it.

She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, taking in the bitter aroma of the brown liquid before her, before taking a sip.

“Ahhh…” She breathed, feeling the warm liquid spreading it’s heat throughout her entire body. She was enjoying her coffee almost as much as her shower. But this time, nothing would ruin it.

Or so she thought.

Much to her disappointment, a knock came at the door. She frowned and let out a loud sigh, as she knew just who it was.

“Come in.” She groaned, setting her coffee on the countertop.

“Is it safe?” The visitor questioned as they cautiously opened the front door.

Wrenn rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. “What do you think you’re walkin’ into, Chels? A goddamn mine field?” She retorted, her eyebrows furrowing in annoyance.

The girl stepped inside the messy apartment, her mouth agape. “Holy shit!” She gasped dramatically, “It’s even messier than the last time I was here!”

Wrenn glared at the redhead standing in the entrance of her apartment, unmoving.

The girl put her hands up in front of her in defense, laughing. “Woah there, tiger. I was jokin’. No need ta give me the death glare.” She teased, a large smile playing on her lips.

Wrenn, on the other hand, wasn’t amused. She knew her apartment was messy, she didn’t need to be reminded by the redhead every morning of that fact.

The girl’s name was Chelsea Fanning, and she was Wrenn’s best friend. They had known each other since they were in diapers, and Chelsea was the only person who was allowed to talk to Wrenn the way she did.

Anyone else would have had their asses beaten by now. The girl was energetic, optimistic, and bubbly; the polar opposite of the lazy, cold, pessimist that is Wrenn Ames. Chelsea had short fiery hair that curled around her ears, more freckles than you could count, and was completely, and proudly, Irish.

Along with being a proud Irishman, she was also a very proud lesbian, and didn’t neglect to flaunt that fact. Wrenn, on the other hand, wasn’t one to flaunt her sexuality. She let people know when she needed to, and that was it.

“So, we leavin’ yet?” The bubbly redhead asked, nodding her head towards the door.

“Yeah…” Wrenn replied, glancing at her half empty mug of coffee with a sadness in her eyes before heading out, grabbing her worn leather jacket on her way to the door. She wanted to finish that coffee.

The End

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