Chapter 2 - The Haunting

Naturally, the first thing the killer founder did, was dispose of the body. Even I don't know where. He immedietly tried to change the name of Protagonize.

But he couldn't.

He went mad afterwards. All he could say was, "I shouldn't have done that", and "Protagonize" over and over.

He eventually threw himself off a cliff, and died.

The murdered founder's profile page is also haunted. Whenever a member of Protagonize stumbles upon accidently, strange things happen. For one thing, the profile pic moves when you're not looking at it, so you see it out of the corner of your eye, turn around, and see nothing. Plus, the profile keeps making stories, though the user has departed. All of the stories have some conection to the murder, and change frequently.

The profile was eventually removed, for reasons unknown. The last story posted by it was called: "Farewell, Protagonize". That was removed too.

Nobody has seen the ghost since. Though glitches that don't go away, are said to be caused by it.

But, you know...

He ShOuLdN't HaVe DoNe ThAt.


The End

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