The Ghost Bus

Sheryl Winerton has a mysteriously creepy bus that drives by her house every night at ten o'clock and midnight. For some strange reason though, the bus never has any passengers inside it. But, anyone that has ever been seen to ever go aboard the strange bus has never been seen again. One night when Sheryl decides to have a sleep over with two of her best friends, one of them chooses to ride the terrifying bus home. The next day though, she disappears.

Sheryl sat on the extra bed attached to her window starring out at the street. The time was 9:58 p.m. but the bus came around at 10:00.

"Hello, Sheryl? Are you there?" Asked a young female voice. Sheryl looked down at the phone beside her and noticed the red light beside Speaker Phone was blinking. She had almost forgotten that she was ever talking on the phone with anyone. The number for the timer had shown that they had been on the phone for a half an hour.

"Sorry, Kelly. You weren't saying anything so I thought you hung up." Replied Sheryl.

"Don't do it again!" Kelly shouted muffled by the phone. Kelly was a good friend of Sheryl's but sometimes got angry about the smallest details, like being forgotten about over the phone.
Kelly pushed herself forward closer to the window as the bus came to a stop across the street.

"Hey, it's here."  Sheryl said unexpectedly calm. Kelly on the other line got a tense feeling. She'd seen the bus twice before but still got uncomfortable whenever it was mentioned or seen. The reason for this, was because it was haunted.
The bus was completly empty aside from the disturbing driver. The city bus was always empty no matter what.

Kelly swallowed hard "Well...?" She commanded. Sheryl starred hard at the driver. His skin was a pale colour and he constantly grinned as if he were programed to never stop. Suddenly, as if sensing Sheryl's eyes upon him, he turned to stare directly at her window with the evil smirk pasted onto his face.
Sheryl shrieked and threw her head in the other direction of the window towards the opposing wall.

"What? What happened?" Kelly's disturbed feeling became more intense than before.

Sheryl squealed "He looked at me!" She screamed terrified at the phone. Kelly's breath caught in the back of her throat. Did she say he looked at her? Kelly wondered to herself.

"Oh my God! He looked at you? Was he still smiling? Did he wink? What? Don't leave me guessing here, Sheryl!" Kelly blurted out. Sheryl took in a deep breath and let it out.

"He just looked at me." Kelly spoke calmly but still a little bit of fear hung in her voice. There was silence while both girls searched for the right words to say.

I don't know how Sheryl does that. Kelly thought. She acts terrified for a split second then goes back to acting all cool. I'm sure the whole cool thing is just an act she puts on to seem tough though.

"Hey Share?" Kelly turned to lay on her back on top of her bed while playing with the cord of her phone.

"Yeah?" Sheryl responded.

"Are you still having the sleepover on Friday with Dawn and I?" She requested. Sheryl looked up at her calendar, every day was Xed-out before Wednesday in red.

"Well, yeah. What else would I do on Friday?" Sheryl joked.

"Hey, Sheryl? I better go. See you tomorrow!" Said Kelly.

"Bye Kelly." Sheryl said her good-byes then hung up the phone.

The End

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