Chapter 18Mature

In the heat…

“Where’s my son?!” Dunn shouted with her back still turned to Kory’s kidnappers. Two former knights stood in front of Jack. The pair were apart of the original Apalian guard. The person that snatched Kory into the train turned out to be Rycht Konkaid who laughed as he always did. His accomplice was a person that didn’t share their name very often.

“Don’t worry. Your boy, believe it or not, is in good hands,” Rycht said. The woman behind him didn’t make a single sound. After all, she wasn’t after Jack. Every bandage on the Jamaican’s body began to shake when he laughed once again.

“This is funny to you shit head? Okay, that does it! I’m gonna rip your fucking head off!” Dunn yelled in anger. One could mess with her home, her clothing, her vehicles and her money but Kory was sacred to her. On the inside she was crying but on the outside she was a knight once more.

Many didn’t know just what Jack Dunn’s sponsored ability happened to be. Only the strongest of knights were supposed to be officers. A lot of Apalians believed that Jack only got her rank because of the tightness of her vagina and not her abilities. All of those people couldn’t be more wrong. Jack Dunn had an ability so devastating and so powerful to the point where using it would cause her to either injure herself or die. That was why she hadn’t used the full extent of her power until now.

Dunn began to cry. No clear liquid came from her eyes. Instead, blood was what she cried out. Blood came from her nose, ears, mouth, various pores in her skin and her clothes were flooded with red. She began coughing and more blood came from her mouth. A big pool of her life’s essence was what she fell into when Jack dropped down to both knees.

Surprisingly, Rycht could find nothing funny about any of this. “Uh, anyone care to give me a bone here? I meant to beat up the woman but we need to get her some help. Enemy or not nobody deserves this,” he said. The woman behind him chuckled. “Just watch. You should’ve attacked her when you had the chance,” the woman pointed out. “Oh, whatever. You underestimate me,” Rycht said in response.

The Galileon woman standing behind Rycht took a few steps back and smirked. Just as the three eye assassin backed away the real show began. At the microscopic level her red blood cells began to sickle themselves. Jack Dunn had sickle cell anemia but she had the ability to make her blood cells into a normal shape. She could’ve passed this on to Kory which was why she needed a powerful sponsored like Susej to give Kory the ability to not be affected by her illness. Jack’s ability was that she could sickle her cells in such a way to the point of crystallization.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. That be freaky!” Rycht said. He finally laughed again. He didn’t laugh at Jack. Instead, he laughed at himself for not seeing that letting that woman go full sanguinmancer on him was a bad idea.

“I’ll give you two one last chance! Where is my son?!” she shouted with her same question. “And as I told you bloody mary your son is in good hands. Besides, you trusted Velencia Shiva with your boy. She has killed children before. Yet, you don’t know if I did so you may as well let us keep the boy. You clearly don’t care about his well being if you let monsters like Shiva look after him,” Rycht said. Dunn lowered her head. The man had a point. Shiva wasn’t the best co-mother out there. But all of that was besides the point. If this pair didn’t want to give Dunn back her son then there would be a fight.

“Watch her. You and her are the same sponsored type in terms of level,” said the Galileon. Rycht turned his head towards the person talking. “What do you mean sponsored type? And what the hell is a level?” he asked. “Hmm. Well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Apalia doesn’t care about the information of the world like Galileo does. You see, every sponsored has a level. It’s called upgrades. Deities will come to you in person. Sometimes in dreams, when you’re awake, when you’re about to die and so on and so forth. They’ll give you an upgrade once every hundred years. Give or take a few months. This works for us since we sponsored can live as long as we want provided we don’t get ourselves killed by accident, violence or illness. You two aren’t any more powerful than the other so that is where skill comes in,” the woman explained to Rycht.

Dunn needed a way to sustain herself. On her arms were circles of blood that went from large circles to smaller circles. The bigger deposits of her blood were at the tops of he shoulders while the smaller ones were down to the wrists. These circular blood packets were hardened like rock. Her eyes turned bloodshot red.

The bandaged man laughed. That was to be expected out of him. He was hiding his nervousness. Jack’s blood was separating itself from the sand on the ground, her clothes and her skin. The red liquid formed itself into what appeared to be an assault rifle that floated just above her shoulders. She grabbed the blood weapon that carried multiple handles coming out of the sides of it and three barrels.

“Blood blaster,” Jack said. “What did she say?” Rycht whispered. The woman behind him folded all six of her arms together in pairs of twos. “She’s simply uttering the words of her weaponry. Anytime someone utilizes anything as a weapon that isn’t their limbs or mind it’s better to declare what the name of your attack is going to be to focus your energy into said attack. It isn’t required but most do it,” she explained. “Oh, I do the same thing. So, she uses her blood as a weapon. Never seen anything like this before,” he admitted. “Yes Jack Dunn wasn’t to be underestimated and you can’t say I didn’t warn you. By the way, if I were you, I wouldn’t get any of her blood on me,” she went on to say.

Rycht wouldn’t have a chance to laugh or comment. Dunn raised the triple barrel set up and pointed them towards her bandaged foe. She pulled the trigger. Out from the barrels came portions of blood that were shaped into bullets. A noise similar to the average machine gun fire was made. The Jamaican lifted his forearms up and blocked the incoming blood ammunition.

Those bandages were not normal. These were given to Rycht by the Eqyptian deity Ra. Any one of those bullets would have been enough to stop a lesser man. However, because of the wrappings, all the red brass did was make the bandages bloody. “Tell me that isn’t the best you can do. If that is then I suggest you go in a kitchen or have more babies there sweetheart because you’re a weakling,” Rycht said. Of course, he laughed behind those words.

“Idiot,” the Galileon said under her breath. She told Rycht not to underestimate the Apalian. The bullets kept on coming. Eventually, the blood weapon shrunk until all ammunition had been dispersed. By now that Jamaican was a bloody mess.

“Ha ha ha! Pathetic! I can’t believe Gato thinks these people are a challen-” Rycht’s words were stopped by Jack yelling, “Blood shackles!” All of the blood on the bandages dragged the man’s hands down towards the ground. His feet felt like there were thousand pound weights attached to them. Shapes of handcuffs were made and were attached to Rycht’s hands and ankles.

Confusion was on the laughing man’s face. His neck found blood around it in the form of a collar that weighed the top of portion of his body towards the ground. It took a lot of strength and energy just to remain upright on a generally vertical base. “Gotta give it to ya I wasn’t expecting this. I guess if I were some sucker I’d be dead already. Blood manipulation is unique but there are flaws my friend,” he said. He laughed at her as if the bondage was nothing.

“Flaw?” Jack asked. She drew the remaining blood away from Rycht that wasn’t being used to shackle and weigh him down. She lifted her hands and arms towards the sky. The blood stretched out above her hands and formed a giant nail that pointed directly at Rycht. “Flaw this! Blood drive!” she announced.

“Impressive strategy little lady. You put weights on me then you try to hit me with a more powerful attack that otherwise would be too slow to hit me. That’s the plan, right?” Rycht asked. Jack didn’t even respond to him. She threw the nail at him. The speed of the blood projectile was slower than the blood bullets.

“My turn,” the Jamaican said quickly. The blood shackles began to fall off of Rycht. As for the blood nail it did make a direct hit into the target’s chest. However, no damage was done. That was because by now Rycht had revealed his bandage’s power; fire. “Blazing guard!” Rycht yelled in a commanding tone. The bandages around his elbows unraveled themselves. Once the coverings were off this man’s burned skin was revealed. A fire blazed through every bandage on Rycht’s body. All of the removed bandages formed a circle in front of him. Fire filled in the circle’s gap.

“What the-” Jack couldn’t finish her sentence. Once her nail hit the blaze circle fire shot out from the core of the defensive bandages. She fell backwards towards the ground just in time to avoid the flames being thrown towards her. Dunn laid on the ground amazed to see her forced being returned back to her with almost double the power. She brought herself up to a sitting position with her legs stretched out on the ground.

“Impressive,” was all she uttered. “Ha ha ha! You call that impressive? Just you wait to see what I can really do,” he responded with. Jack smiled as if she wanted her facial expression to welcome the challenge. Rycht folded his arms and began kicking his legs up and down in a step dancing fashion. He was mocking her.

“You idiot! If you aimed better you could’ve hit her and ended this,” the woman behind Rycht pointed out. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, hush now. I got this. No back seat driving,” his rebuttal was. His words was followed by laughter. While the two spoke Jack’s fingers were up to her chest. She moved her fingers in the same manner she would if she were tickling Kory. “Uh, you okay there? You sure you didn’t bump your head when you fell back?” Rycht questioned as he watched Dunn. His bandages wrapped themselves back around him in their original places.

The knight went back to her feet. She kept her smile. “Blood trap,” she said. Rycht laughed at her words. However, his laughter stopped when he looked at his chest and realized that he fell right into Dunn’s trap. When he deflected her blood nail he made an unnoticed mistake. He splattered her blood all over his upper body. Strings of blood wrapped around the Jamacian’s body.

By now, she didn’t even need her hands to give her mind assistance with controlling her blood. At this point she could do it with her mind. No matter how much Rycht struggled he couldn’t move a muscle. “Oh, what’s that? Hmm? I don’t hear any laughter mister funny man,” Dunn said as an insult. He continued to try to force his way out of this blood submission hold.

The struggled stopped. Rycht laughed. Even though there was blood covering him and constricting his body he still thought this was an appropriate time to crack a joke. “I have to say I didn’t expect for you to stay in the fight for this long. I give you an A for effort but a F minus for brains. You honestly think this was going to stop me?” he asked.

Dunn shook her head. She just knew there was no way he would get out of this hold. No one got out of this hold. “External combustion!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. His bandages pushed away from his body. The coverings formed themselves into a humanoid shape. Rycht couldn’t be seen due to the bandages now serving as a full body suit. The white fabric turned red with flames appearing all over them. An explosion of fire erupted from Rycht. “Oh boy…“ Dunn said before she was sent flying backwards.

Over and over again did Dunn rolled backwards through the sand. Even the Galileon had to lift up all over her six arms and create a telekinetic shield for protection. Sand and dust covered the battlefield. Even with all the disorientation from the low visibility Rycht could be heard laughing. Once Jack stopped tumbling and flopped backwards for the last time she realized she probably couldn’t compete with this guy head on. She just needed to hold him off for a little while longer.

Jack looked up to see a person standing in front of her. Barely could she see the legs before her due to the sand in the air. She closed her eyes. At the moment there was nothing else she could do. “I needed more time. Damnit!” she said. “Time for what? Napping? Not on my watch. Get up. Asses are in desperate need of kicking,” a familiar voice said. Dunn’s eyes lit up like Rycht’s fire. Never had she been so glad to her that voice.

Once the dust cleared and the sand settled Rycht laughed to see a new combatant. It was Shiva. What he didn’t find to be so humorous was the realization that his Galileon partner had deserted him. “That bitch! Eh, I guess I understand. If I don’t kill Dunn or Shiva then they’ll just have to come for her anyways to get the boy back. But still, to use me as her pawn? Now that’s just fucked up,” he said to himself.

“Chase me down and then run away like you always do. Exactly what I expected from you Briss,” Shiva said. Jack looked up to the taller woman while getting back to her feet. “Briss? I take it that’s the name of the other?” she asked. “Nothing you need be concerned with. For now, lets take care of this guy. Don’t kill him. We need him to tell us where she took Kory,” Shiva instructed. Dunn nodded.

The laughter from the assassin started again. “Kill? Me? Arrogance won’t get you the win here ladies! I’m full of surprises! Like this one!” Rycht raised his arms up. The bandages wrapped themselves around him again. Sand and dust was kicked up again except this time the elements were summoned to the air from rapid foot movement.

Shiva didn’t expect for him to be this fast. His left hand touched the ground. Sparks ignited on his finger tips. Bandages from his chest quickly wrapped themselves around his left hand with a fist forming shortly afterwards. Rycht launched himself up into the air. The wrappings around his fingers and hand unraveled again.

“Scorching lariat!” His bandages formed a flaming spiral barrier that reached down to the two intended targets. The wrappings spun around in place. Both the women thought to run to avoid the attack but he purpose of the bandages was to keep them in place. Rycht had them right where he wanted them. In the middle of the spinning inferno his body was being projected downwardly towards Shiva and Dunn. His left arm caught on fire. Velencia moved in front of Jack.

“Velencia!” Jack shouted. The blow knocked the colonel directly into the wall of fire. Acting on instinct the fighter summoned her clones behind her to cushion the impact. Once her Dopple gang hit the spiral fire barrier the bandages wrapped themselves around Rycht. Shiva’s chest area was on fire. Her clothing was becoming too hot to wear. Dunn ran over to help her partner get the attire off. Shiva was left with a bra on her upper body.

“Asshole! Just wait till I get my hands on you!” the taller woman scowled. “Wait, he’s too strong. You can’t take another hit like that!” Jack warned. “Ha ha ha! See? Your arrogance is the reason why you’re losing. I ain’t never lost me a fight before. But you wouldn’t know that. I know everything about you but you know nothing about me. That gives me the advantage and gives you nothing. Face it ladies. You’ve lost. You just don’t realize it yet,” Rycht said with a laugh behind those words.

Velencia cracked her knuckles. She charged the flame user. The smaller Dopple Gang clone came out to her right. Rycht raised his arms. His cloth wrappings came off of his arms and began traveling towards the oncoming attackers. Shiva and her copy kept running forward. They seemingly wanted to take the bandages head on.

“Is she stupid?” Rycht asked himself. Shiva and her clone dropped backwards. They both went into a forward traveling slide. “What?!” the assassin exclaimed. Once the two reached Rycht’s feet from their slide Velencia materialized her bigger clone. The larger Dopple Ganger delivered a swift uppercut to Rycht that sent him flying upwards and then down towards the sand.

The smaller clone kicked its legs up far enough for both of the knees to touch the chest. It went straight up to its feet with a quick kick up. Shiva waved to the copy. The bigger dopple ganger’s legs flexed revealing a large amount of muscle. That same mass of brawn in the lower body was utilized in a jump from the larger of he pair into the air. The smaller one went into a full sprint dead ahead towards Rycht’s falling body.

A large shadow appeared over the descending Jamaican due to a large woman preparing to crash down on him. Down below the other stopped running, laid on the ground and lifted its right knee and right elbow upwardly. Rycht was sandwiched in-between the created sisters. An elbow was logged into his throat and a knee securely positioned in his crotch.

“Thata girl,” Jack whispered to herself. She was reminded just why she fell for that woman in the first place. The very first time there were feelings for this brute of a female were generated due to Shiva’s tough girl personality. Dunn loved nothing more than to be protected by someone stronger than she was.

Rycht’s body was lifeless. He didn’t laugh. The smaller clone pushed him off of its body. Both of the gangers disappeared. Shiva smirked. She was victorious once again. “Ha, what a punk. I had more fight out of children,” she said to herself.

There would be a win in more ways than just a battle. A hand gripped Velencia’s shoulder. She turned around quickly and raised a fist up to punch the person that grabbed her. Just as she was about to go for the blow Jack laid a kiss upon her lips. Shiva broke the kiss and hugged Jack.

The mother began to cry. “I don’t know where Kory is…” Dunn said. Velencia stroked her partner’s hair. “What kind of a mother am I? He needed me! Damnit! He needed me!” Dunn screamed. “Don’t worry. He’s fine. We’ll just have to believe that he is fine. We will find him Jack. I swear it. Kory’s my son too. So I won’t rest until we find him,” Shiva swore.

The End

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