Chapter 17Mature

Miles from the club…

“Yes, but you don’t need details. Just worry about Maria. I don’t want to have to have this conversation again. If I do, you’re dead. Simple as that.”

This whole place, this room and this space looked more like a board meeting area than a crime arena. A long oval table sat as the anchor piece of the room. On that table sat a chorus of narcotics, topless women and firearms. The rest of the room was dark. Standing around the table were armed guards. All of these men were hired to protect one person.

“Take note gentlemen. If Juce doesn’t deliver we take ‘em out. Caprende?” a deep voice bellowed.

Every man in the room nodded their heads. Even the whores laid about the table nodded their heads in agreement. The once hologrammed individual stood up from a large leather covered couch at the head of the table. In his grasp of a right hand was a purple and red pinstripe electric guitar. He stepped into the light.

“Ola cabrones! Sorry to keep you waiting.” This man’s Spanish accent had a tendency to overshadow his words. Then again, the Mohawk had a way of overshadowing how serious natured this man was. On top of that, he wore a red vest with chains connected to it from seemingly every part. There were two hole cuts outs in the chest area to reveal his nipples there were pieced with rings. His pants were black, thick and covered his black platform styled boots.

“No sir, don’t say sorry. We do work for you after all. And if we do work for you be mindful of our fee,” said one of the men standing around.

The one who spoke up nodded at one of the women laying on the table. By now, the women were making first attempts to get to a vertical base. Every man here had their way with most of these females except for one. There was one whore that the big boss here favored more than anybody else. He called her Amore. It wasn’t her birth name but Amore meant love. The boss loved this woman’s body.

“Lights!” shouted the boss.

Once the lights came on the crime lords and their topless accomplices were revealed. The women seemingly represented every race of human. Males in the room came in every shape and size. There were animal shifters that were half human and half beast. Some carried weapons from guns to melee blades like axes and swords.

“I’ll be honest with you all. I want you guys to do some bullshit. These motherfuckers want to try to fuck on us. These Apalian cock munchers don’t know who they are fucking with. Lets be sure to remind them,” said the boss.

One of the men stepped forward. He wore a face mask in the shape of a red “X” mark. The goggles he sported was all black. From head to toe his body was red. His face showed that he was one of the cyborg types with all the wires and hoses coming out the sides of the neck.

His voice sounded more French than mechanic. “I know where to find most of them. I’ll track the group heading to Galileo. There are three that are rather troublesome. Especially the mind user. If that‘s alright with you Gato.” Finally, there was a name to the crime boss. He was Gato Morivelli; former captain of the royal knights. “Sure, whatever you want Red. Do what you have to do. But don’t underestimate Eric. I served with the guy. He was my lieutenant. I can tell you that he is gonna be trouble,” Gato advised. “Nothing I can’t handle,” responded Red.

Gato’s favorite woman raised her hand. “Baby doll, mind if I go after wolfgang puppy and the metal head? Oh, I’ll work them. I’ll work them better than my normal clients and I won’t even charge.” The Mohawk bearer stared down the woman. “You sure? Taking down Brunson is a grown man’s job Kitty.” The woman, who only wore a pair of leopard skin thongs, sat on the table with Gato directly in front of him and her legs spread apart. “You should know better than anyone that there is no man I can’t handle,” Kitty said. Gato smirked at the innuendo.

A man across the room stared at the X fighter and laughed. This crime boss was wrapped seemingly from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet in a white gauze bandages. Only a bit of dread locks that escaped the open areas of the wrappings. “I want the big crazy woman. His mammy won’t be trouble for me.”

Gato smiled at Kitty. She moved out of his way. The boss’ hand slammed on the table. “You are not to touch the boy or his mother. Shiva? I don’t care.” Rycht began laughing. Normally, doing something like that would be a sign of disrespect. However, everyone in the room knew that laughing at any order was just how Rycht acted.

Into the room came another person. It was a woman. She wasn’t undressed like the rest of the females. Red and Kitty paid close attention to her. Gato’s eyes opened wide and he lifted his guitar. The person had six arms. They were pale skinned and had a third eye on their forehead. Her hand brushed her long, white hair from her shoulders. A sword was sheathed on her back. Both of her wrists and her feet bore broken shackles as if she had just escaped from a prison. Her attire was all black and skin tight in the style of a royal knight.

The boss took a seat once he realized who it was he was staring upon. “Sorry, I thought you were somebody else,” he said before giving a sigh of relief. Her third eye blinked. Having more than two eyes was normally a sign of Galileon heritage. “Really now? Who was it that you thought I was Gato? Eric? You know when he finds you you’re a dead man,” the newcomer said.

Every man and woman in the room who wasn’t already staring this intruder down now gave her attention. “You dare come here and tell me something like that? Who the fuck do you think you are? You were a badass in Apalia but you are ain’t shit here,” Gato furiously spout out.

“Oh, I’m not? Please, Gato, darling, don’t kid yourself. I could end your life ten times over before you could grab that little protrusion in your pants you call a penis to protect yourself from being castrated,” was the response of the woman.

Gato wanted to say something else but he thought it wise to not do so. That threat wasn’t a joke. He knew better than to cross this person. The only reason why this Galileon even bothered to listen to Gato was because this person had a real score to settle with some of the Apalians.

“You have a point to your arrival here?” asked Red. The woman’s head turned. “Yes, I do. I have a great point.” She walked towards the table. Her hand reached back and pulled out her sword. The sword itself was long and curved outwardly on one side and curved inwardly on the other side. This was an Arabian styled weapon. She jammed the blade from the tip to the middle of it into the table. “Velencia Shiva. My life goal is to end her life. I want the chance to accomplish my goal. Anyone who has any objections to that is either going to have to just deal with it or try to stop me. Either way, I’m getting what I want,” she said.

A laugh came out of Gato. “So you come in here with your threats and all your bullshit. Oh, and what’s that? You say you wanna kill Shiva? Sure, be my guest. You don’t need my permission. I don’t own or rule you. Then again, you knew that. So then the question becomes why even come in here and say any of that at all? Oh, wait, is it because you don’t know where they are and you need my help? Yet, you threatened me and expect for me to help you? Come on now. Am I getting warm?” he asked.

The woman lowered her head. She wasn’t the type to request help. If it wasn’t for the hatred she had for Shiva this person wouldn’t have bothered to ask anyone, especially a man like Gato, for assistance. “Yes, that’s exactly what I need. And might I remind you Gato that I can, at any point, simply take you hostage and kill everyone in the room until you tell me what I want to know,” she threatened.

Every person in the room was a world renowned killer. Red’s right hand twitched and out of that hand came a long, vibrating sword made of electricity. Kitty growled and her nails grew longer along with her canine teeth. The rest of the room occupants went on guard.

Gato stood up and held his hands out to his comrades. “Easy now, easy, everybody just calm down. We don’t want any unfortunate things to happen. Do we? No, I don’t think any of us do. We’re here to get those Apalian bastards; not each other,” he pointed out. Rycht continued to laugh.

“Boss, seriously, I will not sit here and hear another word come out of that bitch’s mouth. I’ll kill her where she stands,” Red said.

“Dumbass doesn’t even know when she’s outnumbered,” Kitty added.

The boss realized that nobody in this room stood a chance against that woman. Even if they all attacked at once. “Shut up and calm down! Shit!” he ordered.

“Normally I’d tell you what to do but I suppose I’ll make an exception. I owe you that much. So, I’m asking just once and once only. Where is Velencia Shiva?” she asked. Rycht laughed at the question.

“You want to know? Fine. I’ll tell you on one condition. You have to help capture someone for me. Agreed?” Gato asked. He knew this woman well. She was the type that, once she agreed to any condition, she would keep her word. “Fine. Who is it that you want me to capture? Oh, and by the way, I’m not capturing Shiva. I’m killing her. If you have any objection to that then I apologize in advance,” she said.

“Alright, that’s fine. I don’t give a shit about that crazy bitch. Kory Dunn is Jack Dunn’s son. You know Jack Dunn, right? The girl who sleeps her way to the top? Yeah, that’s her. The son is who I want. I’ll send Rycht with you just to make sure it gets done. I’m not saying I don’t trust you ability to do something. I just don’t trust that Shiva will be as easy to eliminate as you’re suggesting,” Gato explained.

Rycht hadn’t stopped laughing since his voice was heard by the others. “Oh yeah mon. I wanted Shiva. Mind if I were to give her a go first? Doesn’t matter who fights her. Just as long as she’s dead, right?” he asked. The woman looked to the bandage wrapped laughing man and frowned. “I suppose you’re right. Whether by my hand or not I just want her dead,” she said.

The End

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