Chapter 15Mature

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Unlike the rest of the world that always seemed to bear violence, chaos and destruction this kingdom had nothing but prosperity and peace. Haven was a shining example of what the world could be like without violence. War hadn’t seen this kingdom in over a hundred years. There wasn’t a need for a military force. The common citizen would defend Ritz if the kingdom needed defense. Nothing would shock many about Haven being anti-war due to the fact that it was the closest neighboring kingdom to Galileo.

If there was a heaven on Earth the kingdom of Haven had to be the place. The idea of paradise was the idea and the motivation for the building of this kingdom. None of the pavement was asphalt or dirt. The streets were literally paved in gold. Concrete fountains spit out a circulation of water and were in the shape of angels. Large monuments symbolizing everything from the Eiffel tower to the statue of liberty was on display. Preservation of the old ideals was the aim for these constructions.

The citizens were the main attraction for Haven. They didn’t wear clothing. All were naked. Clothing was strictly forbidden to be the picture of freedom and expression. Even animals kept as pets were not to have collars.

Amongst the nudity were two men who stuck out from the rest. Alexander and Octavius walked side by side looking at all the bare people in shock. Sure, the world had gotten a lot more sexual but this was pushing for the Apalians. As the pair passed the common citizens harsh stares were given.

Brunson put his hands into the pockets of his white pants and looked down at his white ballroom styled shoes so as not to stare at any of the women. He felt like taking off his white jacket to fit in due to the fact that he had on the jacket but no shirt underneath. His bare chest showed with a silver holy cross charm in the middle of a silver necklace.

As for Alexander his typical red attire was his choice. No sign of him being a werewolf could be noticed as he looked like any other human. His eyes were the only unusual feature about him with them being oval slits that were yellow in color. A red trench coat with a white tank top underwear covered his upper wear. As for bottoms a baggy pair of red jeans with black boots shielded his lower body. The coat had a hood that covered Alex’s head.

“It seems to me like you tried to assign yourself to the nicest kingdom. I guess that’s just your way of telling everyone to play hide and go screw yourself?” Alex asked.

“Yeah, seems like a relatively peaceful place. But not everything is what it seems. While the kingdom itself is enjoying a lack of war our target is the most difficult of them all to convince to help us,” responded Octavius.

“Who is our target actually? You never bothered to tell me. In fact, you appeared to have went out of your way to not tell me anything about who we’re after,” the werewolf complained.

“Believe me, you wouldn’t want to know. The person we’re after is different,” was all that Octavius could respond with.

“Different? So that’s why you split everybody else into smaller groups while we get you, me, Xelic and Riveria?” Alex asked.

“You act as if the cat chick and ninja guy isn’t in Willinston. Last I checked that place was over fifty miles away from here. We need them close to us in case something goes wrong. And if I know who we’re after, and I do, we’re in for quite an ordeal,” the fallen general explained.

“Still, that doesn’t explain why you left the others to explore much bigger kingdoms. Nor can I understand why you sent one of your own out there alone,” Alex pointed out.

Brunson shook his head. The more he tried to explain himself the more Alexander seemed like Velencia. Brunson knew that despite their claims of being different the brother and sister pair were both very stubborn. The only reason why Octavius sent the others to larger areas was because their contacts were less violent and weaker.

“Let’s stop for something to drink,” Brunson suggested.

Alex turned his head to Brunson and frowned. “I’d rather get this over with. Not all of us are escaped criminals with nothing else better to do,” the realtor sneered.

“What exactly is your problem man? All you and your stupid little sister do is criticize me for everything. I only try to help,” Octavius shot back with.

The wolf stopped walking. So did the sponsored. Both stared each other down. There was a tension level that suddenly jumped to a level that would provoke a fight. Brunson’s eyes narrowed. Alex growled.

“My problem? My fucking problem? Let me explain something to your sorry ass you two bit asshole. It’s because you didn’t tell us about Susej sooner that all of this happened. It’s because of you and your brother that the world as we know it is about to end. You think that if we assemble some kind of super hero team to stop Gabriel that we’re actually going to succeed. We’re all dead because you failed to do what had to be done. You should’ve killed the asshole once you knew his plan. Did you? No, you didn’t,” the werewolf said with a louder growl than before coming after the words.

Octavius folded his arms. “Really? You think that killing Susej is easy? Tell you what Fido if you think it’s so easy then why didn’t you kill him? See, that’s the problem with pieces of shit like you and your slutty sister. You two always blame others for problems that are unavoidable and problems that can’t be solved. The reason why you two do that is because you can’t solve the problems yourself so you need someone else to blame. Besides, even if I could kill my brother he is still family. Then again, I guess you wouldn’t know what true family is like. You and the slut fight all of the time and try to kill each other. A true bond between siblings is something you’d never understand,” Brunson said.

The same way those words from the former general would have sparked violence out of Shiva was the same way Alexander would react. Alex raised his hands to hip level and claws came out where finger nails should have been. Just as he was about to charge at Brunson a woman came in-between the two. As mad as Alexander was at Brunson the beauty of this female calmed the wolf. Brunson’s eyes opened wide when the woman turned to his with her breasts dangling.

“Wow,” said a confused Alex.

“I second that,” Brunson concurred.

There was a common ground with the two men. They both liked blondes. This woman had long hair that reached the length of her arms. She wasn’t very tall. However, she was tall enough to where the top of her hairline reached Brunson’s neck. Her eyes were sky blue. The chest pieces that Octavius stared down were large. Her butt was shapely too. Alexander’s wolf eyes didn’t leave her rear end. Her freckles were something for Octavius to look at as well but his gaze mostly remained on her breasts.

“How much do you charge and how long can I have you?” Alex asked.

“I’ll pay double what he’s offering,” Brunson said barely allowing the wolf to finish his question.

Her facial expression was that of confusion. She didn’t understand that the two were offering to have sex with her. She shook her head and offered a wide smile.

“Hi hi! Welcome to Haven! I’m Torrence the tour guide. Someone told me you two were walking around so I decided, as Haven’s resident tour guide, to give you some guidance!” exclaimed Torrence. If she wasn’t beautiful to the men her voice would have been outright annoying to them. She had such a high pitch to her words.

Alexander and Octavius stared at one another. They both realized that were in for some weirdness but this was pushing it for them.

“So, where do you want to go? We have plenty of restaurants and we have a museum. Perhaps you two handsome gentlemen would like to go to the beach?” Torrence suggested.

The werewolf wanted to say something. Brunson placed a hand on Alex’s mouth. The former general knew the wolf would die for a chance to go to a nude beach. Then again, everyone in Haven were already naked to begin with.

“We’re looking for a woman named Audrey Tanner. Heard of her?” Brunson inquired.

There was another confused look. The blonde held a hand up to her forehead. Her head shook from side to side as if she was using this stance to think. She lifted a single index finger into the sky.

“Ah! I know who you’re looking for! But I don’t get why you even came then. She doesn’t see anybody. Least of all foreigners. I’m sorry but we have anti-stalking laws. Still can’t interest you in the museum? We have a world war three exhibit,” Torrence offered.

Octavius sighed. He knew finding Audrey would be difficult. She didn’t want to be found. But she especially didn’t want to be found by this man. The two had a history. Alex slapped Brunson’s hand away.

“So, we can’t find her, hmm?” the wolf asked the guide.

“Nope! And since you are outsiders I’d have to reasonably assume you two to be stalkers. Sounds kinda silly but that’s just the way it goes!” exclaimed an overly excited tour guide.

“Well I guess we’ll just go to bea-” Alex couldn’t finish his words due to Brunson cutting in.

“No, we aren’t going there. Thank you for your assistance,” Octavius said. He executed a swift turn facing away from the naked woman and walked away.

“Hey speak for yourself buddy! Let’s go to that beach!” Alexander said.

Torrence grabbed the realtor’s hand and pulled him along. “Whoa!” exclaimed Alex.

“Let’s go!” Torrence shouted in joy. She loved doing her job.

“Ah shit. Alex wait up!” Brunson said.

The wolf and the blonde were heading in the opposite direction from Octavius. He turned and ran behind them.

The End

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