Chapter 13Mature

One year later…

This afternoon was rare for this side of the world. Most of the time there was rain. Today there were clear skies. There were no storms. No destruction was unleashed this day. Instead there was nothing more than peace from the Earth. Mt. Tollis hadn’t seen an eruption in a month. Neither did the ocean have any disaster appearing from it.

The sound of an engine echoed through the passageway. Just as much noise could be heard coming out of the Polsician Ocean. Two traveled along a route. One on the road made to hug the mountain path. The other swam through the water with speeds that certainly were not human.

Coming down the path was a roller rider. This person clearly preferred the old style of roller. The vehicle looked to be nothing more than a bulkier version of a motorcyle. A built in navigation system was on the steering pad. The one difference between motorcyles and rollers were the fact that there were no wheels. Rollers use a concentrated ball of lasers to levitate off of the ground and propel a rider in any direction. This version of the automobile was custom made to have six handle bars and to be colored all black. At least with the dark color came a match. The rider was completely dressed in black with a black leather jacket and chorus of six arms coming out of every side of it. Black leather pants with tight fitting black boots were also worn in combination with a black scarf covering the riders’s mouth.

A conversation was being held between the two of these people. There were no words used. Instead, there was a mind link and thoughts could be shared without the use of a voice.

“So, you’re not actually a guy then? I’m confused,” thought the person swimming.

“I am a man but, well, it’s kind of complicated. You see, contrary to popular belief souls actually do have a gender. While my body is that of a man I have a soul of a woman. I was born a woman. When Eric died I decided that I would give up my very mortal soul to have him back. Therefore, I became a cross between myself and Eric’s body. His body took over and made me a man. But my mind is still that of Aya and not Eric,” the roller rider explained through mind link.

“I get it. Still, and I don’t mean to offend, it’s fucking weird man. I’ve seen a lot of realtor transformations but a complete sex change is something I haven’t seen before. And believe me, I’ve lived for two hundred years. Not older than most but that’s a long time to not see what you are,” responded the swimmer.

“I can understand the confusion. You see, not many understand realtors. The first realtors were martial artists. If they believed they could break bricks then they could. Then again, you don’t need to know martial arts to use a realtor ability. Since the first human walked the Earth realtorism has been in effect. In truth, we are all realtors but it’s just applied to different things,” was the explanation.

“I get that and I know my history. But what I don’t get about realtors is how they become, well, realtors. Wait, you said we’re all realtors. Damn, now I’m even more confused,” thought the diver.

“Well, what do you think sponsorship is? It’s realtorism. Our beliefs actually power the immortals. Our realtor abilities are applied to their power and our beliefs are what keep them alive and in existence. Immortals are nothing more than humans who are beyonders. The beyonders are a higher class of realtor. They believed in themselves being gods so much to the point where they became gods. They mastered every human’s potential to become a high powered realtor,” the rider projected through his mind.

“Yeah, I knew all of that. But you still didn’t explain how a person goes from being a regular joe to lifting cars with their bare hands,” was the thoughts of the swimmer.

“I explained it. You just didn’t listen. I already said that people have the power to advance their realtor abilities on their own. You don’t need a deity to do that for you. All sponsorship boils down to is an immortal advancing what was already inside of you to begin with. You see, every human has a, let’s say, an orb inside of them. It’s an orb of power. That power can be shaped into any kind of inhuman ability one can think of. However, these orbs draw certain types of deities based off the human’s personality and a deity’s interest in this said human. But as I said before you don’t need an immortal to do that for you. The very existence of immortals prove that because all they are just humans that went beyond that of a normal realtor. But think of it this way. Whenever you reach a point to where you’d sell your soul for something you run the risk of becoming a realtor. Does any of that make sense? Because, quite frankly, I don’t think I can explain it any better,” was what ran through the rider’s mind.

“Got it. I guess anybody can be a real-” the mind link was closed.

The sudden break of mental communication wasn’t due to frustration from the roller rider. This was due to shock and awe. They had reached their destination. Aya had attempted to mind scan an entire city before but could never accomplish such a goal here. The other person, Brilliance, stopped swimming and floated in the water. She dared not venture further. Brakes were applied to the vehicle. Aya got off of the roller. What seemed to be a mechanical machine actually turned out to be full of life. The six handle bars began to twist and turn until it formed a small mechanical boy. It was Zach. He modified the roller just so Aya could ride it.

Brilliance leaped out of the water and climbed up the side of the volcano. She made the short climb up onto the road and looked up. All three of them didn’t know what to do now. Before them was a floating mountain that levitated over the ocean. Above this hovering land formation was a giant golden ring. This was Galileo; the kingdom of enlightenment. Even though this was Aya’s home kingdom the sight of this illuminating mass always sent chills through her. Zach and Brilliance heard stories about this place. None of the explanations did Galileo any justice.

‘How the fuck did they build this place? It’s insane,” Brilliance said.

“Screw that. How in the world did they get it to float?” Zach asked.

“I could tell you but I’d rather show you guys. And believe me, you’ll flip out. You think Apalia had some powerful figures? Just you wait to see what my hometown has to offer,” Aya announced with a big smile on her face.

The End

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