Chapter 12Mature

“Kory! Stop it this instant! Don’t make me come up there!” shouted a desperate mother.

By now, ten percent of the city had been destroyed due to collateral damage. Gabriel was starting to understand that Susej was indestructible. The flying angel smashed the creature over and over again. The man-beast’s body went flying all across Apalia. Not a single dent was put into this enemy. Meanwhile, Jack spent her time trying to shout to her son who was now miles and miles away from her. Her eyes couldn’t help but water. She was losing her baby.

A glimmer of hope arrived when a bright star in the sky appeared that was chasing the flying body of Susej. Dunn smiled and dried her tears. But then she quickly cried once she saw the house she paid for.

“Oh he is so grounded,” she whispered to herself.

The villainous father landed into Jack’s home again destroying any remains of a house that might have existed. Kory’s possessed body landed on top of the brick and mortar scattered across the lawn and streets. By now, the guard had been summoned. Tanks were rolling into the neighborhood. Aircraft would set the ears on fire with the sounds of engines roaring.

Armored guardsmen removed themselves from their street patrols and focused their attention on the action. Personnel appeared with guns draw. Helicopters hovered over the decimated house. Jets circled the scene in the air. The police guard appeared in giant tanks that carried high powered assault rifles on seemingly every square inch of them. All military personnel lined themselves up in a firing squad.

“This is the royal police! Surrender now or be placed under arrest!” That was the sound of a speaker coming out of the lead helicopter hovering directly above Gabriel and Susej. Neither one of the super powers listened to the call. Instead, they both darted towards one another. Punches were wildly thrown. None landed due to both of them dodging the blows.

Jack got out of the way. She didn’t want her baby to be hurt but she realized that her being around was only making the situation worse. After all, Kory reached the point of being utilized by an immortal due to her being attacked. Dunn got behind one of the tanks and began biting her fingernails. She wouldn’t cry anymore. She was counting on Gabriel to win the fight.

The mother’s heart sank when the guardsmen opened fire on the two of them whilst the battle raged on. She waved her arms wildly while running behind the firing squad shouting, “Cease fire! Cease fire!” Most of the knights who could hear her over the ammunition blaze stopped. While this was her son causing most of the collateral damage Jack was still a commissioned officer and a knight. They had to listen. Eventually, every weapon from tank cannons to machine guns mounted on the helicopters reached a cease fire.

Dunn turned her head to look upon the scene again. She discovered just how serious this had gotten. After all those gun shots, cannons and rapid firing rifles the only visible damage that could be seen was done to the neighborhood. Houses were leveled to the ground. Innocent people were caught in the crossfire. A few lay deceased in their homes, some on the streets but the two intended targets were still alive. Both of them were still fighting.

Gabriel and Susej was about to approach each other at fast speeds again when both of them stopped. Their heads turned and looked around. Susej smiled. He knew this was his chance if he was ever going to make his plan work.

“What? See something you don’t like? Oh no, don’t worry. I won’t suggest anything to you. I know you aren’t in the immortal realm anymore. Therefore you have lost your omnipotence just like I did Gabriel. You wouldn’t be able to see who the real enemy is. You think it is me. You are wrong,” Susej said. His mentally projected voice started to sound more like a human’s voice but at the end of every word there was a hissing noise. He started to sound almost like a snake.

The angel flapped his wings. He lifted Kory’s body upwards. Once he reached an elevation that would allow him to see over the royal palace there was an anger that grew. All this angel could see was chaos. His eyes saw fighting between the realtors and the royal guard. There was crime everywhere because the empire was so focused on killing realtors and wiping them off the face of the planet while not enough focus was being put into law enforcement. Gabriel turned her body around in the air and faced the royal palace in all of its splendor.

Susej appeared behind the celestial being in mid air. This creature appeared to be able to levitate at Gabriel’s same elevation. Susej laughed.

“What’s the matter Gabe? Hmm? See the fault in your logic? This is why you should’ve stayed in the immortal realm. But it’s no matter,” he said. The more Susej spoke the more and more his voice in Gabriel’s head began to sound reptilian. The creature’s body began to change. Bones cracked, skin was being peeled from the muscles and bones and clothes fell from his body but to be replaced with scale-like armor.

“This isn’t the Apalia I remember. This isn’t the place I chose to pick my carrier. Why is it like this?” Gabriel asked. He wasn’t asking Susej. He was only questioning himself.

Susej still quickly answered the question. “The emperor is the reason. Oh, you saw Apalia hundreds of years ago before you came down here seven years ago. You saw all the busy streets, the growing economy and the loving atmosphere. Amazing how fast things can go to shit, eh?”

“Who is to blame for this madness?” the angel asked.

“The emperor, the people and the military is to blame. I say you should wipe this place clean of all of its impurities. We the immortals have sat by for far too long and allowed the mortals to destroy this world. We have given them our time, talents and abilities to better them. And what do they do? They spit upon us with their violence, their hatred of life and their foolish ambitions. What you see is a very mockery of what we stand for. It’s time for us to stand for ourselves and to stand for them no longer,” said the beast.

By now, Susej’s body looked like that of a humanoid serpent. He was much more slender than before. His nose was nothing more than diagonal pointing slits in the sides of his cheeks. His eyes were vertical ovals. Large wings with spikes covering them with a combination of scales were attached to his back. There were claws in place of nails. No hair was present. The ears were pointed at the tip. A fork tongue slid in and out of the creature’s mouth.

Gabriel turned and reached out to the creature. Susej could have dodged but he didn’t. It was as if he knew Gabriel wasn’t going to harm him. The angel held the serpent by the throat and squeezed. There as no facial expression of pain from this creature. Susej’s mental telepathy could be used as a means of mass broadcasting as long as a person knew their target audience and had physical contact with this hell dweller.

The message was simple.

“To the people of Apalia. You need not know my name or where I am from. All you need to know is that around the world immortals are standing up. All around the world we are striking down what we believe to be evil. We are doing what is right and doing what we believe will better the survival and moral threshold of the human race. No longer will you wage wars, use your pathetic politics to down others and engage in activities that should be criminal. Be on notice. You will be found. You will be dealt with. I will return in ten years time and if by then you haven’t changed your ways I will smite the city. Do not be fooled. I will do this. Either change your ways or be destroyed. Your fate is now in your hands.”

As soon as the speech was over Kory’s body fell from the sky. The angel had left him. Wings carried a translucent being that resembled an adult version of Kory up towards the sky. A large rift opened in the clouds. Gabriel was returning to the immortal realm to allow the humans a chance to change.

As the boy fell faster and faster towards the ground his mother could do nothing but watch.

“Kory!” she shouted out to him.

Lightning strikes appeared in the sky as the rift between dimensions grew larger and larger. The electrical outbursts touched the ground and caused massive fires and further damage to the city. Kory’s body disappeared into thin air once one of the strikes struck him. Dunn witnessed this. Her knees gave way. Her knee caps slammed into the ground. The pain from such a descent into the asphalt wasn’t enough to cover the pain of seeing her son be disintegrated.

“What have I done?” she asked herself. Jack couldn’t help but blame herself. She didn’t have to accept sperm from Susej. The serpent fooled her. He appeared to her and Shiva as a handsome man and not the beast she knew now. She was fooled yet she still blamed herself.

The tanks, helicopters, jets and even the guardsmen on the ground focused their attention on the rift. None were watching when Xelic appeared. He teleported right next to Jack with Kory slung over his shoulder. He was supposed to kill the boy on sight yet he allowed the seven year old to live. Xelic placed a hand on Jack’s shoulder and teleported the party of three to the front of the great wall with the rail cannon.

Brunson and Shiva were the first to show concern for Kory. Dunn was feeling the after effects of being teleported. She began coughing and she tried to catch her breath in-between her hacking.

“Kory! Fuck! What happened to him?” Shiva asked. She pulled the boy from Xelic’s shoulder and laid his body on the ground. Her hand held the boy’s head up. She gently shook him to try to wake the child.

Kory awakened. He looked to Velincia and hugged her. “I saw everything! I saw what I did but I couldn’t stop it! What am I?” he asked. Shiva didn’t know how to tell him that he had a part in the coming destruction of Apalia if she and the others couldn’t stop it from happening.

“Don’t you worry about that now. Come on and stand up. You’re a tough guy, right? Come on,” she said. Shiva helped Kory to his feet and brushed him off.

Jack ran over to her son. Her arms wrapped around his body and she held him tight. Brunson interrupted the emotions. “We have to leave now,” he instructed.

“Octavius, while I do understand what you’re trying to say and what you’re trying to do there is just no way we could amass a world force against Gabriel. It’s pointless. He is an immortal. The fight is automatically in his favor,” Xelic pointed out.

Brunson frowned. “We can win. We have to win. But what you fail to understand is the importance of us making a stand. We are all in danger. Not just us but the rest of the world as well. Gabriel is not the only immortal that has crossed over from the immortal realm. All around the world immortals have taken possession of human bodies in order to destroy what they created; us,” he explained.

Jack let go of Kory and turned to Brunson. “But why? None of us violated the rule. And the only rule there is that we can’t cross over to their realm. Nobody in existence is capable of that,” Dunn retorted.

The former general turned to Jack and shook his head. “No, you’re wrong. Someone did come to their home; Susej. The immortals didn’t promise they wouldn’t kill us even if a sponsored human came to their realm. The rule was broken. It’s as simple as that. And knowing Susej he probably convinced the immortals that we were evil and needed to be taught a lesson. That was his plan from day one,” said a saddened voice.

“And how exactly do you know Susej to begin with? We met him a while back but before then we hadn’t seen anyone like him in our internal records. He claimed he was from Vesper. I sense there is something you aren’t telling us Brunson,” Shiva said with an angry tone.

“Yes, there is something I’ve been hiding from all of you. Susej is my brother,” he revealed.

Zach, Brilliance, Alex and Samantha gasped in unison. Brunson had been concealing what he truthfully knew about Susej the whole time. Nobody was hurt more than Brilliance. She trusted that man. Yet he didn’t trust her enough to tell her a secret that would have been useful to the whole party.

“And you didn’t tell us? Seriously? This whole time you were this asshole’s brother? And now you want us to risk our lives and go around the world to assemble an army to fight Gabriel and the other immortals? You want us to trust you enough to believe that by us doing all of that we’ll be helping the world but you can’t trust any of us to know your little secret?” questioned Brilliance. She folded her arms and awaited an explanation.

“Yeah man! What gives?” Zach said. Very rarely would Zach look upset but he did at the moment.

“And how do we know that, since you two are brothers, you aren’t just trying to lure us away from the city so your psycho brother can simply take over?” Alex asked.

Brunson held up his hands as if trying to ward off the interrogation. “Let me explain. If your brother was Susej would you want to tell anyone either? If your brother was a lying, cheating, and manipulative person what would make you so proud where you’d want to tell anyone? And besides people I’m not the fucking enemy here! I’ve done everything I could to stop this!” he exclaimed.

“But how could you be the brother of Apalia’s worst enemy and expect for us to trust you?” Alex asked.

“Because in the beginning we were the first two sponsored. Yes, that’s right. That’s why me and him are as strong as we are. The longer you live sponsored the stronger you become. Susej was sponsored by Satan and I was sponsored by Ywhw. We were the beginning of the sponsored. And now Susej wants to bring it all to an end. He always talked of ruling a kingdom of his own. I should have stopped him when I had the chance. Please, all of you, let me make up for my mistake. I’ve lived with this guilt of not eliminating him for all these years and it had eaten me up inside. I just want the relief of knowing that my own blood won’t be the end of us all. Is that too much to ask?” he posed to everyone.

The questioning ceased. But faith in Octavius’ plan wasn’t present. Most in the gathering understood that Brunson’s idea was probably the best course of action. The problem was the worry of this plan coming together and actually acquiring the wanted results.

“Octavius, you still don’t seem to understand my first point. We can’t do this. Even if we find the people you want us to find we still have to convince them to fight for us and you’d have to convince all of us that fighting for them is the right thing to do as well. There is hatred right here between a lot of us. How do you expect for us to work together long enough to accomplish any goal let alone the one you set for us? You seem to be a little bit too naïve,” Xelic said.

Octavius sighed. “I have faith in you all. You’re the best of the best that Apalia has to offer. If you can’t do this nobody can. But we need to work as a team. That’s why I asked you to split up into the groups that I think you should split up into based off relationships of trust, plan of action and your targets. If the immortals can work together to destroy us we can certainly work together to make their plan backfire on them,” he explained.

"While most of us abandoned our posts a while ago some of these people are still active in the royal guard. While I understand your plan Brunson some have a lot of lose here. Desertion is punishable by death," Samantha said.

Shiva frowned. "Desertion? The fuck are you talking about?" she asked. "He wants us to travel the world to find members of the guard just like us who left Apalia due to disagreements with the emperor's way of ruling. If we can find them, assemble the original knights and stand together we can mount a force powerful enough to fight even an immortal," Zach explained. "You want us to abandon Apalia just like you cowards did?! That's absurd!" shouted Xelic.

"I know some of you don't agree. That is fine. But you all know the risk you run by not acting now. Sure, when you return to Apalia you'll be deemed criminals just like myself and the others. But that fate is worse than letting your country fall. We have to stand together or don't stand at all. If you love Apalia as much as I do you'll act," Brunson announced. The group individually thought about the suggestion. One by one each nodded their heads in agreement. Xelic and Shiva took the longest to nod their head but they both eventually did so.

Each of them had their assignments and all of them knew who they had to find. Royal knights and a single guardsmen stood watch just a few blocks away. Everyone went their separate ways. If the people wanted to continue to fight the empire they could. Nobody would stop the rebels. In the back of his mind Brunson knew that his efforts and the efforts of everyone involved in this escalating situation would be pointless in the end. He had to try. They all had to try.

Bri turned to Xelic. He pulled out his electric saber from the sheath on his side. The electrically charged weapon was planted into the ground. “You have my sword,” he vowed.

Brunson smiled and clapped his hands twice. “They made a mistake and that was making us smart and physically capable of doing anything we set our minds to. But don’t misunderstand me. They know us. They know what we are going to do and are already coming up with a plan to stop our efforts. The immortals keep sponsoring us because by doing so they fuel their own immortality. That’ll be their downfall. They gave us what they have. Now it’s time for us to use it. They want to attack us? Fine, oh, that is just fine. But we’ll get even,” he said.

The End

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