Chapter 9Mature

It was midnight. The skies were clear with just stars and the moon showing. A clear oasis of well cut grass and similarly sized homes was being watched by the night patrol. The royal guard was on high alert. A war between the military and common citizens raged on just three hundred miles away.

Outside one of the homes a light was on. Some of the guards patrolling the streets could see a shadow pacing back and forth inside the two story brick house through a window shade. This specter waved its arms and flailed around in what appeared to be a frustrated outburst.

“Velincia, that isn’t the point. You’re supposed to be here for Kory. You promised that you’d be here. It’s his birthday. For once in your life care about someone else besides yourself. That’s all I asked of you. I won’t allow you around Kory ever again. You told him you‘d always be there for him. You lied.”

This heated phone conversation only got worse as time passed. The former lovers had a dispute about Kory; Jack Dunn’s son. It was Shiva’s idea to have the kid in the first place through a sperm donor. Planned parenthood via donation of egg or sperm in Apalia was pretty common since same gender marriages were always legal. As far as the law was concerned Velincia paid child support so she didn’t have to visit Kory to fulfill her obligations as a legal guardian. That didn’t sit well with Jack. She was the primary guardian of the child. That meant she’d always have to bear most of the burden of raising the kid.

Dunn wasn’t getting anywhere. The argument lived on for two hours until she finally hung up on Shiva. She flopped down on her favorite brown sofa and sighed. Frustration was the least of her worries. She worried more for Kory. He didn’t look up to his mother who actually bore him. He looked up to the person who deserted him and didn’t even show up for his seventh birthday. All Shiva ever did was make excuses as to why she avoided being in Kory’s life. The part about the whole situation that really made Dunn upset was that Kory would also make excuses for his other guardian.

She slouched down and rested her hand on the her crotch. Nothing about her seemed energetic today. She spent all of her time going to toy stores and ice cream parlors all day. She even brought him angel themed pajamas. She felt like Kory deserved all she got for him. While he was privileged and had an above average home, a weekly allowance that most kids in Apalia would kill for and anything he asked for Jack still thought he had a rough life due to him only having one primary parent around.

Jack looked over and tried to scratch out some of the dried up vanilla ice cream that hardened on her black royal knight jumpsuit. The sticky substance covered her black and white sword emblem on the right side of her uniform. Another sigh left her lips and she propped her black boots up on a leg rest in front of the sofa. She reached over to grab the television remote. Once she grabbed it the device slipped out of her hands because of the slippery material the gloves were made of. Jack never understood why the gloves were made like this if they were meant for military personnel.

The child stood at the top of the staircase listening in on the conversation. He could not stand to hear his parents argue. Normally, if they had a disagreement in person he would run in-between the battle and try to stop it. Kory always got the results he wanted and the arguing ceased. Now that Velincia and Jack were divorced intervening was impossible for him. His mother would always tell him not to even talk about that woman around her. Kory felt bad for Jack. While he was only seven he did understand his mother enough to know Velincia was the reason why she didn’t allow anyone she dated around him.

He watched as his mother turned on the television. A smile went across his face. The size of that TV always made him want to laugh. Jack always said she was blind as hell which explained why she wore those huge glasses when she wasn’t trying to look pretty.

“Nothing’s on,” she said. Her ears propped up.

“I was talking to you Kory. Nothing is on so go to sleep. You know it’s a school night.”

Kory frowned up. He never did understand how she was able to do that. He always found her heightened senses to be rather creepy. He stood up on the top step and commenced the nightly whining.

“But mom I wanna stay up and talk to you. I don’t like sleeping. I was told that I’ll spend a quarter of my life sleeping,” he whined.

Dunn stood up and turned around. She folded her arms and began walking slowly towards the stair case. Her neck popped in an attitude display.

“Oh, don’t you even try that mister.”

“Try what?”

“You know what I’m talking about. That whole, ‘lookey, I learned something new’ stuff. I’m not falling for it. Now, off to bed. And another word.”

He got upset. He did want to talk. Kory needed to talk about the issues that his mom always tried to avoid talking about with him. Rather she knew it or not the more she avoided talking about Velincia the more angry Kory became.

“Velincia would talk to me if I asked,” he said. Kory turned to go to his room.

He wasn’t about to get off that easy. Jack stormed up the stair case with those boots slamming against the wooden steps. She reached out and grabbed him by the arm and turned him around. Her hands quickly apprehended his shoulders. Both of their faces were close enough for Kory to feel her breathing through her nose.

“Why would you say that to me? Huh? Why? Why Kory? I do and I do and I do for you and all you ever do is treat her like she is your mother. Face it, she doesn’t love you!” she exclaimed.

The amount of anger Kory felt at this point was something that he didn’t know he had. Tears attacked his pupils. Never had he witnessed such harsh words like this. Velincia was his hero. He wanted to be like her. She was the only reason why he talked about joining the royal guard some day. He struggled to remove Jack’s hands from his shoulders.

“That isn’t true! She loves me and I love her! Let go of me! Let go!” Kory shouted.

She underestimated the kid’s strength. He pushed her away with relative ease once he got angry enough. Dunn never realized how much he actually loved Shiva. She felt horrible for the what she said. Her arms reached out to the boy. He backed away from her and ran to his room.

“Kory! Baby wait! I’m sorry!” she pleaded.

His room door slammed shut. He pushed his body up against it. Dunn wasn’t physically stronger than him as long as Gabriel was the boy’s sponsor. He knew that.

Jack’s body became heavy and she dropped to her knees. She began to cry. Her arms hugged her body. Kory wasn’t the only one who missed Shiva. There was no other person on the face of this planet that could satisfy every need, desire, and want that Jack had. No one ever loved her like Velincia.

The two broke up due to domestic violence issues and rank issues. Shiva wanted to transfer to the intelligence division of the royal guard. Jack wanted the transfer as well. Since they were married they both decided that whomever got the transfer would just get the transfer. There wouldn’t be any hard feelings. Dunn went behind Shiva’s back and used her connections with the emperor to get the transfer. Velincia found out. Ever since the relationship went on a backwards slide. The arguments and the physical fights were constant. Most of the confrontations happened right in front of Kory. Velincia was the one who decided to divorce Jack for Kory’s sake.

The single mother’s only refuge from the feeling of loneliness could be found at the bottom of a liquor bottle. She rushed down to the kitchen and began downing shot glass after shot glass. The intent was to get so drunk that constant vomiting would occur. She didn’t want to recognize who she was for a couple of hours.

Downstairs was her refuge. Those bottles were her friend. The chair she sat upon was the only thing in this world that would hold her bottom the way her lover did. That kitchen was her walls of love. She allowed her life to be nothing more than a bumpy train ride of alcohol, abuse and solitary confinement of the mind.

Jack’s eyes darted across the room. Her vision was that of a woman blind folded by smeared plastic. Drunk sight combined with the lights of the kitchen being turned out limited visibility considerably. The normal razor sharp sensory died. She didn’t even notice that someone else was in the room. The intruder came right in front of the kitchen table right across from the homeowner. A chair was pulled up and the person sat with the back end supporting their stomach and chest.

“Drinking again? Feeling sorry for yourself? Taking it out on your only child? Jacky, Jacky, Jacky, will you ever grow up? Still the child that you always were,” were the words that came from the stranger. She recognized the voice. If this was who she thought it was she had to act. This man was definitely trouble.

Dunn reached for the kitchen utensil holder and gripped a butcher knife. She didn’t get the chance to pull the weapon from its holder. A strong hand slammed down on top of her wrist. With a loud grunt Jack was pulled across the table and ended up on the floor into a face plant. The person never let go of her wrist. Her arm was placed behind her back. Jack shouted out in pain when her arm was wrenched and pushed into the small of her back. A knee was placed into the wrist to hold it in place.

“The fuck do you want?! Fuck! That hurts you shithead! Let go!” she yelled. Her words didn’t seem to convince the man.

He leaned down so that his mouth was directly in line with her left ear. He seemed to know that her left ear was the most sensitive. Her hair was grabbed and yanked upwards.

“Listen and you better fucking listen good Jack. You have my son. That means something to me. Therefore, you will-” He stopped and delivered an open hand slap to Dunn’s neck. She started coughing. “I said listen!”

“I am going to kill you! You better take my life tonight!” Her threat was generated by anger but not logic. She wasn’t in a position to tell anyone what she’d do. This man proved that when he slammed her forehead into the wooden floor. Jack’s right hand reached over to feel on her nose. There was blood. He pulled her head back once more.

“Let me repeat myself. You have my son in your custody. You knew the rules Jack. I gave you my sperm so that you and that psycho Velincia could have a child. You may take your commitment as a mother lightly but I don’t take my commitment to seeing my seed being raised by a suitable person! You drink, you whore yourself out to higher ranking officers just to get favor and to gain rank, you put needless stress on the boy and-” He stopped his rant again.

This assaulter’s knee pushed down harder into Dunn’s wrist. She screamed in pain. By now, Kory was out of his room. He came to the kitchen to see his mother and a man he hadn’t even met before harming her. While he was upset with Jack she was still his mother. Kory had a temper. At first, neither Shiva or Dunn was afraid of any child but then Kory came along with his sponsor. He was special. This man was about to find out just how special he was.

Dunn planted her dominant right hand onto the ground and began to perform a single push up. She was making an attempt to reverse the submission hold to try to keep the man from harming Kory. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her son. After all, this wasn’t just her son but it was his son as well.

“Kory, baby, run away! Go get help! Don’t worry about me I’ll be okay!” she pleaded with him.

Kory didn’t run. He stood his ground. His fists were clinched together. The donor smiled. This was the first time he actually saw his son. The man could sense Kory’s power. If a human had a really strong bond with their sponsor then they would be more powerful than the average sponsored human. That was the problem. This was the reason why Jack was so hard on Kory and went out of her way to make sure he didn’t use his power. She didn’t tell him that besides super strength that he had other abilities that were strictly forbidden.

“Mom, don’t worry. This will be over soon,” the kid said.

“Kory! No! For fuck sakes! For once in your life just listen to me and go!” Those words didn’t deter the child at all.

The kitchen was ablaze in light. Kory’s body was the source of the brightness. A group of three blue arrows pointing towards the sky appeared on his forehead. The backside of his pajama shirt began to lift. Two holes appeared in the shirt. Out of those openings came white feathery wings that were so big in size to the point where the kitchen wall was blasted open with giant gaping holes. He levitated. The inside of his mouth was illuminated with the same light generated by his body.

Once light was applied to the stranger his appearance made Dunn wish there was no way for her son to see him. This man looked like a tower in the kitchen with him being easily seven feet tall. His hair was jet black and long enough where it was braided and touched the back of the ankles. The features of his face where his sensory body parts should have been was what Kory focused on. His eyes were sewn shut. There appeared to be big skin wine bottle corks in his nose except those corks were made of this man’s skin. The ears were covered up by what appeared to be large plates of hardened skin that covered the left and right sides of his face down to the cheeks. Thick threads of fabric was used to sew his mouth shut.

The clothes this man beast wore made him look like the average homeless person in Apalia. The color of his clothing could barely be recognized due to the dirt covering his outfit. He wore what appeared to be a black leather jacket that looked like it had been dragged through a mud pit. No shirt was worn so the bare chest showed with enough muscle mass to equal that of four men slammed together. The black pants were so worn and torn to the point where they could have been shorts. As for footwear there wasn’t any. It wasn’t as if many could find shoes to fit this person. His feet looked like they could squash a small dog in one step.

Dunn watched in amazement. If she wasn’t feeling pain she would have been proud of her boy. She didn’t teach him how to use his power in its full potential yet he somehow was able to unlock his abilities. At the same time she didn’t want him to learn about what he truly was because of the risk involved. It was against the law for any sponsor to possess a human’s body. This was why the man had to make sure Kory was protected. If the emperor found out Kory would be hunted down and executed.

“You see Jack? Are you witnessing this?” the man asked. He couldn’t speak because his mouth didn’t move. It appeared that he could project his thoughts into words that everyone in a single room could hear. He loosened his grip and stood up. Jack sluggishly rose to her feet. She held onto her left wrist as she feared it was broken.

“Jack Dunn remove yourself from danger or risk being eradicated as well,” Kory said in a voice that sounded like a man.

“Kory? Is that you?” she asked. The proud father pushed her the way. Dunn’s body crashed into the China cabinet.

The problem with being possessed was that the person who was the puppet didn’t get to choose their actions. Kory was being controlled by an angel; Gabriel. When Gabriel saw the woman being pushed into furniture that was enough provocation for him to attack. The angel charged forward. Dunn covered her ears. The amount of power and speed that this angelic being exerted created a high pitch screech. At the speed of light Kory’s possessed body landed a punch square in this man’s face.

“I can’t help but say that I’m mildly disappointed,” the intruder projected.

Gabriel didn’t do any damage to this creature of a man. The angel stood there levitated with the knuckles still attached to where a mouth should have been. Dunn wasn’t surprised. She stood up and began limping over to what was formerly her son. She reached out to her beloved. The giant turned and lifted a hand to knock the mother away. A large white wing slapped the hand away. Just as quickly Gabriel spun his body around and sent this horrid man flying with a opposing wing slap to the chest.

The house, at this point, where almost a total loss. A monstrous body went flying through room after room until the outside of the residence became the landing point. The sprinkler system went off. As the water splashed into the creature’s face anger started to set in. The time for being amazed and proud was over. Now this had turn into nothing more than a fight. The beast stood up and gave a small smile with the sewn up mouth.

“I don’t think you know what you’re up against. I am your father and creator. I can take down the whole empire if I truly wanted to. I am Susej,” he projected to Gabriel’s mind.

An angel shot himself up into the skies. A blinding light descended upon the beast. The man had to cover his eyes when the angel landed in front of him. Wings flapped in front of the father. The unlikely hero in child’s pajamas stood in front of a powerful adversary awaiting a violence exchange.

“And I don’t think you know what you created,” was the response from the possessor.

The End

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