Chapter 6Mature

The NCOs looked at one another. None of them knew. Shiva looked at Gognish’s office and saw a shadowy figure pacing behind the darkened window. She dropped the roll call papers. An angry stomping fit gave the Captain traveling speed to get up to the door. The entrance was opened and in walked the commander. Once the door was closed all hell broke loose. Fortunately, this office was sound proof. Gognish was an intelligence officer. Noise discipline was needed for her job.

“Lieutenant! It’s time to go. And just what the hell are you wearing? Where is your uniform, knight?!”

“It’s all your fault!” shouted an angry knight. It was Aya. She was still dressed in jeans and tee shirt combination. Just because she wasn’t dressed for battle didn’t mean that Aya wouldn’t fight. She proved this by charging her own commander. All of her arms knocked the bigger woman down. Pounding and beating followed suit.

Fighting Shiva head on wasn’t the best idea the Lieutenant could come up with. Velincia was much stronger. She tossed her friend to the side and mounted her. A hand was lifted for a downward strike. Shiva couldn’t do it. Not to Aya. Not to her beloved friend.

“What is the meaning of this? Have you lost your damn mind?”

Aya struggled. “Where the hell were you? V! I tried calling you all fucking night! Where were you when I needed you?!”

Shiva narrowed her eyes. “You know I don’t check my voicemail often. Is this about the aftermath of last night? I heard you handled it in my absence. Thank you. But that doesn’t excuse you from assaulting me like you gone crazy or something. So I didn’t answer the damn call. What’s the big deal?”

That question caused Aya to get strength she wouldn’t normally have. Her mind sent Shiva flying across the room and landing into a swivel chair. “Big deal? Big DEAL?! Eric! That’s the big deal you self-centered nut case!”

The Captain stood up, brushed herself off and put on a confused look. “Look, that happened a long time ago. I told you that I was sorry. It won’t happen again. I’ll talk to him. Please, let’s not go down that road again. I just lost control.”

Aya wasn’t buying it. “You lost control? It’s not about that! Eric’s dead! He followed me last night. I ran into a weaker pair of false but he ran into the main horde of the bastards. I found his body along the road! If you had done your job last night and had been on call for your soldiers I would’ve never had to go out. Eric would’ve never come after me. He was just trying to protect his pregnant and foolish wife!”

Instantly, Shiva was crushed. Eric? Him? She went to school with the man. He was the person that mostly helped in getting her out of jail for unjustly killing a fellow soldier. It was Eric that cleared Shiva’s records. He had done so much for her. He was there when she needed him to be there. And yet the moment in which he needed some help in return Velincia was too busy having a knock down, drag out with another officer.

As always, Aya fell to her knees. She did this to show her feelings of sadness. Tears were natural. The only man that loved her was gone. “I love him. I-I need him V! I can’t live without him! H-He is everything to me…”

Velincia’s head jumped. This was a dangerous situation. She approached Aya slowly. Much like that of a person trying to stop another from committing suicide. No, the Lieutenant had no gun to her head, no knife to her wrist or no mass of pills around. The kind of self killing she was about to put herself through would be far more damaging. For Eric, Shiva had to stop her.

“No, don’t say things like that. You know what will happen. You know that you’ll beco--”

With another rush of aggression Aya rushed her superior. Velincia and her friend spun around in a tussle. The Captain slammed her rank inferior against the computer desk. The aggressor, at least for words, were still the Lieutenant.

“You never cared about him! You always wanted him to die or divorce me so you can have me all to yourself! Don’t deny it! You know it’s the truth! You know it! You didn’t stab him in the heart but you murdered Eric with your selfishness and your sick fucking obsession! You kille--” Shiva covered Aya’s mouth. The last word that didn’t fully make it out of the woman’s lips sounded a bit too masculine.

The worst fear had come to past. Both crotches were pushed together. Shiva could feel something similar to morning wood underneath the now tight fitting jeans.

“Wha-what’s happening to me?”

A gun was taken up from Gognish’s desk and put to her forehead. The holder punched their own face to fight back tears. “Access the royal mainframe.”

Aya was confused. “What? Why? And what’s wrong with me V?”

An elbow planted to the side of the face of the pinned down person expressed the feeling of urgency. “Don’t argue with me! For once in your life just don’t argue!” Velincia had to cry. Her friend had a death sentence. She had become a false. She so treasured her husband so much that her body was bonded to her husband. It was permanent too. Aya Gognish gave herself a mental sex change. She was now a he.

“I think I know what’s happening. I-I can’t say that I believe it much though. K-k-kill me V. Nobody will blame you. It’s the right thing to do. We have to control the falses. Not become them.”

Shiva took the safety off. “I gave you an order knight! Access the mainframe!”

Three of Aya’s arms reached over to the keyboard while still being pressed against the metal desk. She memorized the codes by heart. So much so that she didn’t need to see the keys to type them in. The mainframe was accessed in seconds thanks to a typing speed unreachable by normal humans.

“Now what?”

“Eric Michael Gognish is hereby transferred from the detachment of the Amazons as the chief medical officer and will assume duty as the logistics officer. Aya Gognish committed suicide. Her body was never recovered. Type it in. Now!”

Reluctantly, Aya did as she was told to do. She couldn’t believe Shiva was going back on protocol and the regulations. It wasn’t like her.

“Done. But you’re trying to make me replace Eric? We’ll never get away with this. I-I might look like a man now but I’m no man.”

Shiva backed off and put the safety back on. She placed the firearm back on the desk. “Yeah, we’ll get away with it. I said it once and I’ll say it again. You two always did look alike…”

The End

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