Chapter 5Mature

The two cell phones linked up again. She was on speed dial. Eric drove the slender sports car while she tried to control the monster of a truck.

Aya flipped her phone open. “Hey baby. Everything alright?”

“No, everything is not alright. Where are you going Aya? Don’t lie to me. You’re going to see her. You’re going to do this to me again. You’re going to do this despite the fact that I gave you a child. Isn’t that right? Well, tell me, am I right? Come on. At least tell me if I’m getting warmer.”

She didn’t want to talk about this now. It happened once. Just once. She wanted him to let it go. Forgetting the kind of wife that slept with her boss wasn’t easy. For crying out loud she did this deed on Eric’s birthday. It was the same night that Eric tried to impregnate her. Previous attempts were failures. Aya knew she was fertile. Previous boyfriends got her pregnant but she just aborted those children. After all, in this world, abortion was not only legal but encouraged.

“E-Eric, baby, please. The therapist said we shouldn’t talk about it. It’s time to let it go babe. Please, just let it go. We all make mistakes.”

“You weren’t thinking about letting it go when you told me the truth. Do I trust you? No. I don’t trust you. How the hell could I?”

“Because I’m going to be the mother of your child Eric. I-I know what I did. But I tried to stop it and she wouldn’t let me. She’s sorry about what happened. My god Eric! She even offered to turn herself in if you wanted that to happen to her. But you said no because you claimed to have forgiven both me and her. We even told you because we both love you. Me? I love you because you’re the best man I ever met. Velincia loves you because you’re like a brother to her.”

Half of that rambling carried the weight of lies. Shiva mentally scarred the woman. It started out as consensual but it ended up being against Aya’s will. Her superior wouldn’t take no for an answer. Just because it was rape doesn’t mean the rapee didn’t enjoy it. No, she couldn’t think that way. Not now whilst she tried to operate an automobile. But then the flash happened. Eric kept on talking but she couldn’t hear him.

“Look, I’m sorry. I’m coming after you, okay? Just wanna make sure you’re going to be alright. Afterwards, you know, we can go catch a bite to eat before we have to report in. Just like old times when we used to sneak out of our parent’s house to go to Joe’s.”

“Mmhmm,” was all Aya could muster. Her eyes started getting heavy. She wasn’t sleepy. Just felt a little strange whenever she thought about Shiva outside of work and away from Eric. If she told herself the truth she loved women. But the kind that had male tendencies. Just the thought of her command pinning her down to the ground, slapping, punching, beating and penetrating her seemed to work as a narcotic. No matter how many times Eric made love to her it would never compare to Velincia.

“Hey, hon, there’s some kind of a road block an…wait. That’s not a road block. I think there’s some kids fucking around. This is false territory though. Might be dangerous. Hey, look, I’m going to call you back after I check this out. Okay?”


“I love you.”

“Uh-huh, love yous toos.” Aya said that out of pure instinct. She knew Eric was getting off of the phone. She didn’t even hear the part about possible Falses blocking the road.

Aya would not have to wonder what happened to her husband. Much of the same was going to occur to her. And yet, her superior didn’t even notice. Shiva had her own battle to fight. Battling with body dirt was a tough struggle indeed. Her phone went off over and over again. She didn’t hear the calls. Her phone was in her office.

“Alright gentlemen. Shower up. We have patrol tonight.”

There were no gentlemen present. The words were the Captain’s way of talking down to others. In the Amazon locker room located deep within the barracks a visitor arrived. The commander was busy in the shower. While her prison years would have given her enough reason to take advantage of one of her inferiors when soap was dropped attention was taken to others.

Out of nowhere there was mass scrambling and hysteria. “She” showed up at the worst of times. That was the opinion of everybody that knew her. Another entered the locker room and the shower area. They bore the same rank as Shiva. A lot of similarities between to the two were apparent. The dark clothing seemed to match Shiva’s dark heart. Not to mention that both of them had various battle scars all over their bodies. A good physical build, short hair cuts and an overall appearance of authority. This could only be one person. Nobody else was a match for Shiva like this woman.

A minor conversation was established between the officer and a few of the non-commissioned. Shiva noticed the talks. She turned off the shower head. No towel was wrapped around that naked body. Only a pair of thick, leather pants was applied. Breasts hopped up and down, left to right and even jiggled in a circular pattern. They were almost bracing for conflict.

“What the hell is she doing here?” asked the commander. Upon reaching the conversation the sparks flew.

The invading Captain turned her head and smiled. “Is that any way to talk to your wife?”

“EX-wife. You have no jurisdiction here. If you are not an Amazon. You aren’t welcome. I damn sure didn’t invite you. Execute an about face, forward match, no, double time your ass out of MY barracks.”

A smile plastered itself all over the intelligence officer’s lips. “Come on, I just want to talk. Its concerning the impending lawsuit on our hands. Appears you killed the wrong girl. Person you wanted was next door to the house you moved on. The house you hit were full of people that protected the REAL target.”

Shiva got into her accuser’s face. “What the hell are you talking about? We hit the right house. I got the information from intel. You telling me your office fucked it up? Again?!”

Her ex-wife took a step closer to her former’s face. “Our office didn’t fuck up anything. We gave you the right information. You just misread.”

“I don’t misread. I don’t fuck up anything. I’m perfect. Check the records. You wrote them yourself, Jack.”

The lower enlisted gasped. Jack Dunn? This was Jack Dunn? The Captain’s ex-wife? Of course the references to former marriage were already talked about. Still, meeting Captain Dunn was a rare honor in of itself. She was a legend. Even more so than Shiva.

Dunn turned her back on Shiva. It was like she was exposing her rear end. The wedding ring Shiva gave to her was modified into a piercing. It was pierced into Dunn’s right ass cheek. That action made this ring a symbol of the eternal hatred Dunn had for her former lover.

“Velincia, I simply came here to inform you about what happened. And how you, once again, revealed you inferiority. Face it baby. You’re obsolete. You’re a pet rock in a world filled with cyborgs.”

Those words didn‘t phase Shiva. “Cute. Real cute. Listen. Take the night patrol. It’ll be good for your business of whoreship. From what I understand men pay good pennies for you on a nightly basis. Then they realize that they paid far too much and use post dated checks the next time around. All except for the Emperor. You were always his favorite. No, the problem is that I do my job way too well. I got my rank because I deserved it. You? You got your rank by being nothing more than a dildo tester.”

Dunn turned her head. She knew Velincia was trying to get under her skin. After all, the opposing Captain was the only person she was aware of who had the capability of doing so. Apparently, with the kind of angry look Dunn had on her face it was working.

The martial artist continued the verbal assault. “Oh, what’s the matter Jacky? Did I hit a nerve? What? You think the whole world doesn’t know about you and the way you slam your back on the covers to get where you want to be?” Shiva got so close that if the two got any closer they would have been in a lip lock. “You’re nothing but a worthless, no account, selfish, emo, pathetic, stinkin’ WHORE.”

“Call me what you want. At least I keep my fucking promises. What did Kory ever do to deserve to be deserted even when you promised to be in his life? Hmm? Is he just another person you let down Velincia?”

Those words got the captain to thinking. The child that Dunn had through a donor was Kory. When the two of them were married they both took care of the kid but Shiva had been slacking on visiting Kory. She sent bundles of money and gifts. Those material objects would not suffice for a physical presence of the person Kory deemed to be another mother figure.

“Leave him out of this!”

“Why? Because even he can see what a lying, pathetic and worthless person you are?”

“No! It’s because I even a child has to figure out that the person who carried him for nine months carries a man’s semen in her on any given night!”

Those were fighting words. Dunn just had to get the last word though. “It’s better than being a glorified BUTCH!”

The second that B word hit the air punches were thrown. Gognish was not around. One could not tell the Sergeants that though. Only she could make objects fly like this. Beatings from both ends drowned out the cries of a cell phone that desperately tried to get the attention of Captain Shiva.

Driving on the road like this and trying to use a cell phone was dangerous to some. Aya knew that. But she needed her commander. She had the feeling this situation was going to turn ugly. She found her soldiers but they were already surrounded. Literally speaking.

“Ma’am, what the hell do we do now?” asked one of the NCOs.

Aya shook her head. “I don’t know. I left a voicemail to the commander. I pray to god she sends help or shows her ass up.”

The assailants were just two souls. One of them had wrecked Aya’s vehicle. Ironic because the person who did this did so out of a cannibal nature. After all, he loved his Corvette so much that he ended up falsifying himself into a half human, half vehicle kind of a creature. The other corralled the Guard members.

Nothing could be done to prevent the overwhelming. This other person, a female type, could dopple gang just like Shiva could have. Only, this girl was a false. Her infatuation of instant messaging gave her the power of the gods in the form of multiple impressions of herself and super speed. They were poor. The horrible dress in rags proved this.

These two were known as the Bonnie and Clyde of the false world. NOS and Net Devil were the names they went by. It didn’t matter their names. Aya wasn’t about to allow them to hurt her people. The male took to charging at one of the lower ranked like a raging bull. The Lieutenant trapped the man in a telekinetically charged mind net and halted the movement.

“Get off my man you witch!” shouted the Devil.

The internet user sent one of her many copies after Gognish. The officer was pounded in the face with a hammer face. A bloody nose came afterwards. Along with the body of a commissioned laying on the ground.

“Run!” was the command given to the lower ranked. The Sergeants took off on foot. Pawns were needed for distraction. The non-commissioned were used to being used like chess pieces. That’s the only reason why they didn’t question the order.

Net Devil gave chase. To run and keep up the copies was next to impossible. It required too much mind processing. That’s what Aya was counting on. However, from behind, she was placed into a bear hug. The sound of an engine revving came out of the automobile human from behind. The lieutenant laughed.

“The hell is so funny?”

“Oh, nothing. Listen, don’t take this the wrong way. I know you probably heard all the puns that could be said about you. But…since flying is safer…”

Her mind broke the man’s grasp. The follow up was sending him into a soaring pathway direction through the driver side window of her truck. A similar fate was given to Net Devil. Aya turned. She interlocked all fingers with all hands. A tight squeeze came from those fingers. The vehicle began to crush itself into the walls. The roof sank. Yet, the bottom of the car rose up towards that same roof. This same pattern continued until the occupants of the truck were crushed alive.

“Holy shit…” was the unison response from both of the NCOs. That level of mind mastery hadn’t been witnessed by anybody before. It was a first for Lieutenant Gognish.

All the fighting, the blood, the deaths and the conflicts were undeserving of such a beautiful morning. The Amazon unit was due to go out on patrol. The false were too bold. Perhaps Shiva and the gang could put the fear of demi-gods into them. It was time to go. Roll call was in order.

The Captain came out of her office with a member sheet.


“Here ma’am!”


“Present and accounted for!”


“Locked, cocked, ready to rock!”


“Bringin’ sexy back ma’am!”


And there was silence. Everybody looked left, looked right, up, down and checked behind lockers.

“Gognish..GOGNISH! Where the hell is Lieutenant Gognish?!”

The End

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